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Wednesday April 14th, 2021 evening edition

image for Former Buffalo officer who stopped fellow cop's chokehold on suspect will get pension after winning lawsuit

A former Buffalo Police officer who said she was fired for intervening when a White officer attempted to choke a Black suspect will receive her pension after winning a lawsuit on Tuesday.

The New York State Supreme Court vacated a previous ruling upholding the firing of Cariol Horne, CBS Buffalo affiliate WIVB-TV reports.

The legal system can at the very least be the mechanism to help justice prevail, even if belatedly.".

Horne gained national attention in 2006 when she said she stopped officer Greg Kwiatkowski's chokehold on Neal Mack.

"Neal Mack looked like he was about to die," Horne told "CBS This Morning" in an interview in 2020.

She was ultimately fired in 2008, mere months before she was eligible to receive her full pension.

The juror who sided with Mack was the only Black person on the jury, reports the Buffalo News. »

France is giving citizens $3,000 to get rid of their car and get an ebike

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France is one of the latest nations looking to offer a cash-for-clunkers incentive to get people out of their cars and onto more sustainable means of transport.

The European nation is offering residents €2,500 ($2,975) to trade in their old emission spewing car, and get an electric bicycle.

Maybe France was just getting a bit giddy because the air quality isn’t as great as we think. »

Women detail drug use, sex and payments after late-night parties with Gaetz and others

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The investigators have also pursued allegations from witnesses and other evidence that Gaetz may have used cash and drugs in his dealings with the young women.

She said that some of the payments were for providing sex but would not say who she slept with.

The New York Times first reported that Gaetz made digital payments to women, and last Thursday, The Daily Beast also reported on Venmo transactions between Gaetz and Greenberg, and Greenberg and young women. »

China Launches Hotline to Report Online Comments That ‘Distort’ History or ‘Deny’ Its Cultural Excellence

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China’s internet regulator has launched a hotline for citizens to report online comments that defame the ruling Communist Party and its approved description of history ahead of the Party’s upcoming 100th anniversary.

“We hope that most internet users will play an active role in supervising society…and enthusiastically report harmful information.”.

“Historically nihilistic” information, in official rhetoric, is content that incites doubt about the Party’s account of the past. »