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Wednesday April 14th, 2021 day edition

image for Army didn’t prosecute NCO accused of rape. So he did it again. And again

After a year-long investigation, Army CID agents determined the allegations were credible, said Ramirez.

But a victim advocate later explained to her that Hughes was receiving a General Officer Memorandum of Reprimand for his personnel file.

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It wasn’t long before he was once again accused of rape — this time by his teenage daughter.

SHARP came under scrutiny last year following an independent civilian probe that raised concerns about how the program is managed.

“These efforts to redesign the SHARP program are underway and members expect to present their recommendations to Army leadership soon for review and implementation. »

Ben Simmons on DPOY Race vs. Rudy Gobert: I Scored 42 on Him and I'm Not a Scorer

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Philadelphia 76ers star Ben Simmons did some lobbying on his own behalf in the NBA's Defensive Player of the Year race during an appearance Tuesday on ESPN's The Jump.

Speaking with Rachel Nichols, Simmons said Gobert is "great down there in the paint, but he's not guarding everybody.".

The 7'1" Gobert isn't just a rim protector, but he can't go 1 through 4 against opponents like Simmons can. »

Chronic work stress can change our personalities

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Employees dealing with work-induced stress can experience changes to their physiology, according to organizational behavior researchers, which may result in their personality traits fluctuating or even fundamentally changing over time.

Perceiving any stressful experience, such as an abusive supervisor or performance pressure at work, depends on both the event and the individual.

Those changes to the epigenome can in turn cause changes to system functioning and to long-term personality traits. »