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Wednesday March 10th, 2021 night edition

image for Jimmy Carter is ‘disheartened, saddened and angry’ by the G.O.P. push to curb voting rights in Georgia.

Mr. Carter now says that “new technologies” have made the use of absentee ballots much safer.

“In the 16 years since the report’s release, vote-by-mail practices have progressed significantly,” he added.

“In light of these advances, I believe that voting by mail can be conducted in a manner that ensures election integrity.”.

(President Biden narrowly won Georgia, as did the two Democratic Senate candidates in January.).

At almost the same time that the Georgia Senate was passing its legislation on Monday, the governor of Iowa was signing new voting restrictions into law.

After hours of intense and occasionally emotional debate on Monday, multiple Republican senators abstained from voting.

The Senate bill passed just one vote above the required 28-vote majority threshold. »

Microsoft confirms its Bethesda acquisition is complete and ‘some games’ will be exclusive

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Microsoft has officially completed the acquisition of ZeniMax Media, parent company of Bethesda Softworks, it announced on Tuesday.

Spencer claimed that Bethesda would continue making games “the way it always has” and confirmed that some games would release on non-Xbox platforms.

According to a GamesBeat report published on Monday, Microsoft will publish a video presentation on Thursday answering questions about its acquisition of Bethesda. »

Congress moves to ban military gear for police

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Congress moves to ban military gear for police Presented by.

We recommend one of his lesser-known roles as Sen. Samuel Chapman in the 1980 military sci-fi flick “The Final Countdown.”

“Our neighborhoods need to be protected, but Americans and our founding fathers opposed blurring the line between police and the military,” Johnson said in a statement. »

House Democrats introducing bill to limit transfer of military-grade gear to police

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Dozens of House lawmakers are reintroducing a bill Tuesday to limit the Pentagon program that sends military-grade equipment to local police departments.

The bill mirrors language that was included in a sweeping police reform bill the House passed last week.

At issue is what’s known as the 1033 program, which allows the Pentagon to transfer excess military equipment to U.S. police departments. »

TIL that cork flooring and wine corks are created using the bark of the Cork Oak tree. The tree isn't cut down. The bark is harvested & begins to regenerate quickly to be harvested every 7 years. The Cork Oak isn't harmed & is therefore a sustainable resource.

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Cork is a kind of bark where the dead cells are waterproofed by a wax called suberin.

Most trees produce some cork but the cork oak produces lots!.

It is warm to the touch, durable, light, bouncy, chemically inert, and the suction-cup effect of the cut cells makes it stick to a bottle neck. »