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Tuesday February 23rd, 2021 morning edition

image for Canada votes to recognize China’s treatment of Uighur population as genocide

Canada has become the second country in the world to describe China’s treatment of its Uighur minority as a genocide, following a contentious parliamentary vote which is likely to further raise diplomatic tensions between the two nations.

Lawmakers approved the non-binding motion, brought forward by opposition Conservatives, to recognize China’s actions in the north-western Xinjiang province as a genocide against Muslim Uighurs.

Prime minister Justin Trudeau and senior members of cabinet did not attend the vote on Monday.

All other Liberal members present voted in favour of the motion, except the foreign affairs minister, Marc Garneau, who abstained on behalf of the government.

By calling the actions in China a genocide, Canada joins the United States, which made the determination shortly before Donald Trump left office.

Over the weekend, China’s ambassador to Canada criticized the vote, telling the Canadian Press that officials in Ottawa should stay out of China’s internal politics.

But last October, a Canadian parliamentary subcommittee determined that China’s treatment of Uighurs constituted a genocide. »

Elijah McClain's mother relieved he 'is no longer labeled a suspect' after investigation into officers' actions

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Elijah McClain died in August 2019, three days after he was stopped by Aurora police, put in a carotid hold, and injected with ketamine .

On the whole, the 157-page report released Monday provides a critical view of police and fire rescue teams in the Denver suburb.

The attorneys for McClain's mother released a statement Monday praising the investigative report and slamming the police department's "sham investigation.". »

Now Ted Cruz may be buying his own books through a mystery company

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That could push the FEC to issue a ruling on a pending issue that could have consequences for former President Donald Trump's fundraising.

In leveling this false charge, the Times has tried to impugn the integrity of Senator Cruz and of his publisher HarperCollins.".

The Cruz campaign did not immediately respond to Salon's requests for comment, by email and phone. »