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Sunday February 14th, 2021 evening edition

image for Vulnerable Democrats fill prisons to win votes

Democratic governors who win office by thin margins lock more people up and spend more money on jails and prisons than their Republican counterparts, according to new research, a finding the author said exposes some Democrats’ “complicity” in the rapid growth of institutions designed to punish criminals.

The results challenge the widely held belief that Republicans’ actions alone have driven the country’s world-leading incarceration rate.

“The construction of the carceral state was a bipartisan initiative — and I think the story really is as simple as that,” Gunderson told The Academic Times.

“If we only look to or blame one party for that, [we’re] not telling the whole story.”.

Her statistical models revealed that Democratic governors who barely won increased corrections spending in their states by approximately $15 per capita.

Partisanship, Punitive Policies, and the Puzzle of Democratic Governors,” published Jan. 29 in Political Research Quarterly, was authored by assistant professor Anna Gunderson of Louisiana State University. »

Forget the Senate, charge Donald Trump with insurrection in criminal court

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Forget the Senate, charge Donald Trump with insurrection in criminal court Opinion: The Founding Fathers presumed, foolishly, that the elected official who followed them would have the same set of morals.

A majority of the U.S. Senate, including seven Republicans, found Donald Trump guilty of “high crimes and misdemeanors by inciting violence against the government of the United States.”.

If that is so, then Donald Trump should be charged with the exact same crime covered in the impeachment, only in criminal court. »

Covid 19 coronavirus: Auckland in level 3 lockdown; rest of country at level 2

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Auckland is today at Covid-19 alert level 3 and the rest of New Zealand at level 2 for at least three days after an Auckland family's three positive tests.

At the same time, Auckland will undergo a testing blitz to find out how extensive the outbreak is.

"Customers travelling from Alert Level 2 regions are able to transit through Auckland on their way to other Alert Level 2 regions. »

Thousands march in Tokyo to protest Myanmar coup, biggest Japan demonstration so far

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The march came as tens of thousands took to the streets of Myanmar on Sunday in a ninth straight day of protests.

Several demonstrations have been held in Japan since the Feb. 1 coup, mainly by Myanmar residents of Japan.

“As a Myanmar national, I absolutely cannot accept the military’s coup in Myanmar,” said Thwe Thwe Tun, 27, who works at a construction company. »

Protest Leader Cameron Williams Fired From Library For Removing Conservative Books And Burning Them

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After a hearing last Friday and conversations with the city attorney, the employment of part-time Library Specialist Cameron Dequintez Williams was terminated on Wednesday.

He was charged with burning books from the library written by conservative authors.

"The investigation determined that part-time Library Specialist Cameron Williams violated city and Library policies by improperly removing items from the Library’s collections.". »