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Friday February 5th, 2021 evening edition

image for Fecal transplant turns cancer immunotherapy non-responders into responders

Collaborators at NCI analyzed microbiome samples from these patients to understand why FMT seems to boost their response to immunotherapy.

"We know the composition of the intestinal microbiome--gut bacteria--can change the likelihood of responding to immunotherapy.

There are about 100 trillion gut bacteria, and 200 times more bacterial genes in an individual's microbiome than in all of their cells put together.".

Davar and colleagues collected fecal samples from patients who responded extraordinarily well to anti-PD-1 immunotherapy and tested for infectious pathogens before giving the samples, through colonoscopy, to advanced melanoma patients who had never previously responded to immunotherapy.

Out of 15 advanced melanoma patients who received the combined FMT and anti-PD-1 treatment, six showed either tumor reduction or disease stabilization lasting more than a year.

Davar and Zarour hope to run a larger trial with melanoma patients, as well as evaluating whether FMT may be effective in treating other cancers.

UPMC Hillman Cancer Center is transforming cancer research, care, and prevention -- one patient at a time. »

Covid stimulus package worth $1.9 trillion clears Senate after Kamala Harris gives tie breaking vote

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The measure passed 51-50 on a party line vote with Vice President Kamala Harris casting her first-ever tie-breaking vote to tip the balance in the early hours of Friday morning.

The approval allows Democrats to push ahead with the budget reconciliation process, enabling the party to pass the relief package without Republican support.

Democrats will need near-universal support from House Democrats and a unanimous vote of the 50-Democratic members of the Senate to pass the bill without Republican support. »

Student protests grow as Turkey's young people turn against Erdoğan

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Erdoğan said on Wednesday that his government would not allow the Boğaziçi protests to spiral out of control, accusing the protesters of being “terrorists” and “LGBT youth” working against Turkey’s “national and spiritual values”.

Behrem Evlice, a fourth-year political science student, said: “We are so angry right now, and it’s not just Boğaziçi students, it’s students and young people all over Turkey.

Young people don’t care about which politician is providing services, necessarily … They just want the service to exist.”. »

The Denver STAR program that replaces police with mental and behavioral health counselors is working

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A young program that puts troubled nonviolent people in the hands of health care workers instead of police officers has proven successful in its first six months, according to a progress report.

In its first six months, the Support Team Assisted Response program, or STAR, has responded to 748 incidents.

The clerk had called the police — the woman was technically trespassing — but when the police arrived, they called Sailon. »

Parler CEO Says He Was Fired by Board After He Proposed Cracking Down on QAnon, Terrorists and Hate Speech

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Former Parler CEO John Matze said he was terminated Jan. 29 by the board, which he said is “controlled by Rebekah Mercer,” the GOP donor who is among Parler’s investors.

“I got dead silence as a response, and I took that dead silence as disagreement,” he told the Times.

Parler sued Amazon for breach of contract, but a federal judge denied the company’s request for a preliminary injunction to force AWS to reinstate service. »