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Tuesday November 10th, 2020 evening edition

image for Large, delayed outbreaks of endemic diseases possible following COVID-19 controls

These actions also have greatly reduced incidence of many other diseases, including influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

“While this reduction in cases could be interpreted as a positive side effect of COVID-19 prevention, the reality is much more complex,” Baker said.

“Our results suggest that susceptibility to these other diseases, such as RSV and flu, could increase while NPIs are in place, resulting in large outbreaks when they begin circulating again.”.

They found that even relatively short periods of NPI measures could lead to large future RSV outbreaks.

These outbreaks were often delayed following the end of the NPI period, with peak cases projected to occur in many locations in winter 2021-22.

The authors also considered the implications of COVID-19 NPIs for seasonal influenza outbreaks and found results qualitatively similar to RSV.

“The future repercussions of NPIs revealed by this paper hinge on how these measures change the landscape of immunity and susceptibility,” Metcalf said. »

EU hits Amazon with antitrust charges. A huge fine could follow

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Margrethe Vestager, the European Commission's top antitrust official, accused Amazon on Tuesday of illegally abusing its dominant position as an online marketplace in Germany and France, the company's biggest markets in the European Union.

Amazon AMZN to probe its dual role as marketplace and retailer.

That allows Amazon to marginalize third-party sellers and cap "their ability to grow," she added. »

Struggling AMC Chain Launches Private Theatre Rentals Program

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AMC Entertainment, which recently reported a $905.8 million quarterly loss, is launching a Private Theatre Rentals program in hopes of reversing its declining revenues.

The program was unveiled Tuesday, four weeks after the initial beta launch of the product resulted in 110,000 inquiries around the country.

The company said the number of contacts about a private rental in a four-week period was achieved without any significant marketing or press announcement, and is more than four times higher than the total amount of AMC’s private theatre rentals in all of 2019. »

McDonald's to roll out new 'McPlant' faux meat patty next year

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McDonald's announced Monday that the restaurant chain would be rolling out an in-house developed plant-based meat patty called "McPlant" next year.

Nov. 9 (UPI) -- McDonald's will introduce plant-based burgers as part of a new line of faux meat products starting in test markets next year, the company said Monday.

"It's made with a juicy, plant-based patty and served on a warm, sesame seed bun with all the classic toppings.". »

Trump team tries to appeal Michigan ruling, fails to provide necessary documents

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Trump team tries to appeal Michigan ruling, fails to provide necessary documents.

Attorneys will need to provide a few more documents if they want the Michigan Court of Appeals to actually hear the case.

New documents, released by the appellate court in Michigan, tell the Trump campaign its attempt to appeal a Michigan Court of Claims ruling is deficient because it needs to provide more paperwork. »