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Tuesday October 13rd, 2020 evening edition

image for 'Sorry sunshine, wrong place' – Winston Peters shuts down American Covid-19 denier at campaign event

Winston Peters had no time for a question from a Covid-19 denier at a New Zealand First campaign event in Tauranga today.

The party leader was taking questions from the crowd after giving a speech when a man with an American accent rose to ask for proof that Covid-19 exists.

"Where's your evidence that there is a virus that causes the disease?"

the man asked, referencing a scientific method which he believed had not yet been satisfied for Covid-19.

Peters - who had already been short with the man for attempting to ask three questions rather than one - didn't hold back in his answer.

"We’ve got someone who obviously got an education in America - 220,000 people have died in the US, where there are eight million cases to date.

We’ve got 79,000 cases just today, probably in India, and here is someone who gets up and says ‘the Earth is flat’. »

F1 news: Red Bull says Hulkenberg an option for 2021 seat

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Red Bull says Hulkenberg an option for 2021 F1 seat.

Red Bull says Nico Hulkenberg could be an option for the team in 2021, after revealing that it even spoke to the German about driving at the Nurburgring.

Marko also revealed that Red Bull has been in regular contact with Hulkenberg for several months, but not about a race seat just yet. »

Breonna Taylor's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker: "I'm a million percent sure" police didn't identify themselves

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Walker was with her the night of the shooting and he remains adamant that police never identified themselves before the fatal shooting.

Walker told King both he and Taylor asked "several times" who was on the other side of the apartment door when police began knocking.

#EXCLUSIVE: Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend Kenneth Walker sits down with @GayleKing to discuss what happened the night Breonna was killed by police in her home & what justice means for him. »

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Johnson & Johnson pauses Covid-19 vaccine trial after 'unexplained illness'

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(CNN) Drugmaker Johnson & Johnson said Monday it has paused the advanced clinical trial of its experimental coronavirus vaccine because of an unexplained illness in one of the volunteers.

"Adverse events -- illnesses, accidents, etc. -- even those that are serious, are an expected part of any clinical study, especially large studies."

"Based on our strong commitment to safety, all clinical studies conducted by the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson have prespecified guidelines. »