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Friday October 2nd, 2020 morning edition

image for 'Spider-Man 3' Jolt: Jamie Foxx Returning as Electro (Exclusive)

Most of the supporting cast from the previous movies — including Zendaya, Marisa Tomei, Jacob Batalon and Tony Revolori — are expected to be on the call sheet when cameras roll in Atlanta this fall.

Kevin Feige and Amy Pascal are producing.

Foxx played Electro in 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, which starred Garfield as Spider-Man.

The film failed to impress critics and underperformed at the box office with $708.9 million globally.

Despite the performance of Amazing 2, Foxx remains one of the most in-demand players in Hollywood and his casting is certain to jazz up excitement amongst fans.

The actor is currently starring in Project Power, a Netflix superhero drama, and is one of the voice stars in Pixar’s upcoming feature, Soul.

Oct. 1, 3:05 p.m. A previous version misstated the next Spider-Man movie's release date. »

An Update on Shadowlands

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Over the past several months of testing, we’ve made significant progress iterating on and polishing the core features and gameplay of Shadowlands.

We believe Shadowlands will be something special, and we’ve heard from many of you who feel the same.

We need this extra time to ensure that Shadowlands lives up to its full potential. »

Pope Francis says he would baptise aliens: 'Who are we to close doors?'

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Getty Images In pictures: 'The many popes of Pope Francis' The Graffiti Pope Pope Francis become... SUPER POPE in this Vatican-approved street art.

In pictures: 'The many popes of Pope Francis' The Biker Pope Yes, the Pope used to own a Harley Davidson.

EPA In pictures: 'The many popes of Pope Francis' The Modern Pope Let it be said, Pope Francis knows a thing or two about social media. »

Students suspended over recording of Calgary school principal using N-word

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Multiple students from St. Michael School in Calgary have been suspended after a portion of a conversation between a group of Black students and their principal was shared online.

Principal uses N-word in discussion with students 0:06 Principal Lianne Anderson was recorded using the N-word with a group of Black students.

Calgary students suspended for recording teacher using racial slur 1:44 Calgary's Catholic school board is trying to explain why students were suspended after recording a principal using the N-word and sharing it online. »

Proud Boys are a dangerous 'white supremacist' group say US agencies

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The Southern Poverty Law Center calls the Proud Boys a hate group.

Repeated warnings about the Proud Boys, and descriptions of them as a dangerous white supremacist group, were issued by members of the national network of counter-terrorist fusion centers.

There is also evidence of concern about the group from local agencies, some of whom define the Proud Boys as a gang. »