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Thursday June 25th, 2020 evening edition

image for The Note: Bad polls for Trump worry … Democrats

President Donald Trump doesn't like -- and says he doesn't believe -- the polls these days.

Spreadsheets' worth of new polling confirm perceptions that Trump is more vulnerable than ever, in part due to his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Former Vice President Joe Biden speaks about the Coronavirus and the response to it at the Hotel Du Pont in Wilmington, DE.

The poll's state-level numbers -- out Thursday morning – show Biden dominating across the six most critical battlegrounds.

His lead is in the double-digits in Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, and between six and nine points in Florida, Arizona and North Carolina.

Trump will be in Wisconsin, while Biden again goes to Pennsylvania -- easy driving distance from Delaware.

Voters line up as polls open on the day of the primary election in Louisville, Ky., June 23, 2020. »

White House ordered NIH to cancel coronavirus research funding, Fauci says

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Fauci responded to Veasey saying: “It was cancelled because the NIH was told to cancel it.”.

After the hearing, Fauci clarified to Politico that it was the White House that told the NIH to cancel the funding.

An unnamed White House official told Politico that the White House did encourage the funding cut, but ultimately it was the Department of Health and Human Services—of which the NIH is a part—that made the final decision. »

Far-UVC Light Safely Kills Airborne Coronaviruses

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To continuously and safely disinfect occupied indoor areas, researchers at Columbia University Irving Medical Center have been investigating far-UVC light (222 nm wavelength).

The researchers had previously shown that far-UVC light can safely kill airborne influenza viruses.

The researchers found that more than 99.9% of the exposed virus had been killed by a very low exposure to far-UVC light. »

Trump administration claims Huawei 'backed by Chinese military'

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The US Defense Department has determined that 20 top Chinese firms, including Huawei, are either owned by or backed by the Chinese military.

It comes as the US has pressured other countries, including the UK, to bar Huawei for national security reasons.

Under US law, the Defense Department is required to track firms "owned or controlled" by China's People's Liberation Army that are active in the US. »