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Tuesday April 14th, 2020 evening edition

image for Behold Dune: An Exclusive Look at Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Oscar Isaac, and More

It was the summer of 2019, and the cast and crew of Dune had ventured deep into the sandstone and granite canyons of southern Jordan, leaving in the middle of the night so they could catch the dawn on camera.

The light spilling over the chasms gave the landscape an otherworldly feel.

“There are these Goliath landscapes, which you may imagine existing on planets in our universe, but not on Earth.”.

In Frank Herbert’s epic 1965 sci-fi novel, Arrakis is the only known location of the galaxy’s most vital resource, the mind-altering, time-and-space-warping “spice.”

The dominant species on that world are immense, voracious sandworms that burrow through the barren drifts like subterranean dragons.

“I remember going out of my room at 2 a.m., and it being probably 100 degrees,” says Chalamet.

During the shoot, he and the other actors were costumed in what the world of Dune calls “stillsuits”—thick, rubbery armor that preserves the body’s moisture, even gathering tiny bits from the breath exhaled through the nose. »

Trump PR Stunt Falls Flat, as White House Video Exposes His Failure to Prepare for Pandemic

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WATCH: Here was the scene in today's #PressBriefing when President Trump aired what @CNN has labeled a propaganda video. — Austin Kellerman (@AustinKellerman) April 13, 2020.

Inside coronavirus briefing President Trump is having reporters watch campaign style montage praising his handling of coronavirus.

The fact that those test kits were defective, a massive failure at a critical moment, seems like an odd thing to brag about. »

Florida Surgeon General Removed from Governor DeSantis' Coronavirus Briefing After Saying Social Distancing Necessary Until There's A Vaccine

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Florida's Surgeon General Scott A. Rivkees was removed from state Gov. Ron DeSantis' cabinet coronavirus meeting today moments after stating that social distancing measures would need to continue until the creation of a vaccine.

This is Florida's Surgeon General being removed from a #COVID19 briefing by @GovRonDeSantis staff right after saying we'll need to social distance until there is a vaccine.

Previous to his order, Florida was the only state with more than 5,000 cases that hadn't yet implemented strict social distancing guidelines. »

Nintendo Support: Nintendo Switch System Updates and Change History

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Nintendo constantly aims to improve the functionality of its systems and services in order to provide the easiest, most user-friendly experience possible.

As a part of these efforts, we are making Nintendo Switch system updates available for download via the Internet.

In most situations, the Nintendo Switch will automatically download the most recent system update while it is connected online. »