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Friday April 10th, 2020 morning edition

image for Coronavirus: Doctor who warned prime minister about PPE dies with COVID-19

A doctor diagnosed with coronavirus has died - three weeks after he warned the prime minister that health workers urgently needed more personal protective equipment (PPE).

On 18 March he wrote a message to Boris Johnson asking him to "urgently" ensure PPE for "each and every NHS worker in the UK".

Because he cared about people, he cared about his co-workers, his colleagues, his family, he cared about people he's never even met.

"He cared about everyone and that love and compassion he had for everyone extends in every aspect of his life.

"Two weeks before his admission to hospital he wrote a message to the prime minister urging for better PPE.

In his message to the prime minister, Dr Chowdhury wrote: "Please ensure urgently PPE for each and every NHS health worker in the UK.

Family friend doctor Golam Rahat Khan said Dr Chowdhury had been worried about coronavirus "long before" it reached the UK. »

TV Medical Advice and Your Patients

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“Approximately half of the recommendations have either no evidence or are contradicted by the best available evidence.

In terms of The Dr. Oz Show, evidence supported 46%, contradicted 15%, and was not found for 39% of the recommendations.

Study results indicate that the most common recommendation category, made 39% of the time on The Dr. Oz Show, was dietary advice. »

Animation Studio Laika to Keep Staff on Payroll Amid Virus Crisis

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"When this ends, and it will end, the world will need storytellers more than ever," wrote president and CEO Travis Knight.

"When this ends, and it will end, the world will need storytellers more than ever," Laika president and CEO Travis Knight said Thursday in a memo obtained by The Hollywood Reporter.

Laika, known for its hybrid stop-motion and CG approach to animation, doesn't have a scheduled 2020 release. »

Discovery of Neanderthal material culture gives crucial insight into their minds

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Scientists discovered a 6-millimeter-long cord fragment, made from three bundles of fibers twisted together, at an excavation site in the south-east of France.

The tiny piece of twine is between 41,000 to 52,000 years old — and was used by Neanderthals.

It is the oldest evidence of spinning yarn from natural fibers, and early evidence that Neanderthals, like us, enjoyed a material culture. »

Biden releases plans to expand Medicare, forgive student debt

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Biden specifically referenced Sanders’s advocacy for the two issues in a Medium post announcing his plans.

The plan builds on Biden’s existing student loan plan to cancel $10,000 of student debt per person, forgive federal student loans after 20 years and more.

Both expanding health care and student debt are priorities for progressives, who have vociferously advocated for policies like scrapping all student debt and “Medicare for All.”. »