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Tuesday February 11st, 2020 night edition

image for Lindsey Graham Implicates William Barr in Massive Scandal, on Live Television

Yesterday, Senator Lindsey Graham appeared on Face the Nation and blurted out an apparent confession of what, if true, would be a scandal of Nixonian proportions.

Graham reported he had spoken with Attorney General William Barr that morning.

Graham explained why, in his opinion, this state of affairs is appropriate: “Rudy Giuliani is a well-known man.

Has Barr told the Democratic candidates how the process works so they can have their lawyers feed their own leads to him?.

Graham defends this on the grounds that Giuliani is a “crime fighter,” a label Trump himself has used.

He might be lying about what Barr told him, or Barr might have been lying to him.

Update: Barr confirmed today that the Department has “established an intake process,” because it “has an obligation to have an open door to anybody.” »

Video appears to show Oklahoma jail staff ignoring pleas from dying inmate

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The jail surveillance video captured the sounds of Ellis' repeated pleas for help over several days from his isolated cell.

Terral Ellis Jr (right) was seemingly healthy when he walked into the Ottawa County Jail to turn himself in.

Surveillance video appears to show staff at the Ottawa County Jail in Miami, Okla., ignoring pleas for help from inmate Terral Ellis Jr. CBS News. »

Movie Legends Revealed: Mike Myers' Minor Shrek Change Cost Dreamworks $4M

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MOVIE URBAN LEGEND: $4 million worth of animation had to be recreated on Shrek when Mike Myers decided to redo all of his dialogue with a Scottish accent.

Originally, the film's title character was to be played by a real-life giant of a man, Saturday Night Live star Chris Farley.

Sadly, he had not yet completed recording his role when he died of a heart attack in 1997. »

Vitamin D Deficiency during Pregnancy Connected to Elevated Risk of ADHD

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The study included 1,067 children born between 1998 and 1999 diagnosed with ADHD in Finland and the same number of matched controls.

The primary investigator, Professor Andre Sourander says that, despite the recommendations, vitamin D deficiency is still a global problem.

In Finland, for example, mothers’ vitamin D intake among several immigrant groups is not at a sufficient level. »