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Tuesday December 17th, 2019 evening edition

image for 'Stop This Illegal Purge': Outrage as Georgia GOP Removes More Than 300,000 Voters From Rolls

Abrams lost to Republican Brian Kemp, the former Georgia Secretary of State who was widely accused of spearheading a mass voter suppression scheme before the 2018 election.

"Voter purges pose a distinct threat to our democracy, causing disproportionate harm to the very voters who have long been disenfranchised: people of color, low-income voters, and those who move frequently.".

The Georgia voter rolls are expected to shrink from 7.4 million to 7.1 million by Tuesday morning.

According to Fair Fight Action, 120,561 Georgia voters are being removed from the rolls solely because they have decided not to participate in recent elections.

Alex Kotch, investigative reporter with Sludge, warned Georgia could remain a red state in 2020 "due to the GOP purposefully denying people the right to vote.".

In a statement late Monday, the advocacy group All Voting is Local raised alarm at the effort to "strip away the voting rights of 234,000 Wisconsinites.".

"This flawed ruling doesn't provide enough time or notice for voters to comply.". »

‘Like a furnace’: Australia set to see hottest day ever with 50C forecast as devastating bushfires rage

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Highs of over 50C are expected, with meteorologists warning the heat could break the country’s existing record of 50.7C measured at Oodnadatta, South Australia, in 1960.

The warnings come as parts of Australia are being scorched by enormous bushfires that have already destroyed hundreds of homes.

Scientists have said Australia could be facing a “dangerous new normal”, and residents in affected areas are calling for a new approach from authorities. »

Navy pilots request to be armed because they don’t trust overweight police at military bases

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Furthermore, the communique pointed out that one of the students killed was standing watch at the time of the shooting- completely unarmed.

“ENS Joshua Kaleb Watson was a small-arms instructor and captain of the rifle team at the United States Naval Academy.

Yet when charged with standing the watch, he was equipped with nothing more than a logbook and a pen,” the letter noted. »

Canadian duo invent a toothpaste tablet to eliminate plastic tubes

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“Toothpaste tubes take over 500 years to break down and are unable to be recycled," Medicoff and Vince say.

We’ve developed toothpaste tablets that remove the need for a tube altogether.

The Change Toothpaste tablets are free from fluoride, gluten, dairy, nuts and soy and are suitable for vegans Change Toothpaste. »