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Monday November 11st, 2019 evening edition

image for BART riders hold lunchtime 'eat-in' protest after man detained for eating sandwich on platform

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A man detained this week by BART Police for eating a sandwich on a train platform, is sparking some outrage with the public.Many have seen the incident that was caught on tape.

ABC7 News first brought you the story on Friday.

On Saturday, some gathered to protest the incident by eating their own sandwiches on BART property.

"I've got my lunch here, it's very threatening as you can see," said JJ Naughton from San Francisco.There was a defiant lunchtime eat-in on the platform inside the Embarcardero BART station, where eating isn't allowed.

"People should be able to eat on the platform without getting harassed," said Groth.

The man was lawfully handcuffed after refusing to provide his name multiple times, once he provided his name he was cited and released.

"BART says the video will be reviewed by their independent police auditor. »

Trump told Gordon Sondland to extort Ukraine. Now he claims to “hardly know” him.

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President Trump now says he “hardly” knows Gordon Sondland, whom he appointed as ambassador to the European Union, despite apparently ordering Sondland to extort the Ukrainian government into investigating Joe Biden and previously praising him as a “great American.”.

On Friday, Trump responded to questions about Sondland’s revised testimony admitting to a quid pro quo by saying, “I hardly know the gentleman.".

Trump’s dubious claim came exactly a month after the president declared Sondland to be a “really good man and a great American.”. »

Community Cast Pledges to Do a Movie If Dan Harmon Writes It

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Greendale Community College’s most notorious study group reconvened once more this Sunday at Vulture Festival.

The series’ long-running semi-serious rallying cry of “six seasons and a movie” was addressed point blank when our moderator Jesse David Fox asked what it would take to produce a Community film.

Harmon groused that if he wrote the script, then half the cast would likely back out. »

‘No, God, No!’ Screams Agonized James Dean Disappearing From Heaven As Filmmakers Finish Constructing CGI

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THE HEAVENS—Crying out in terror as he suddenly began fading from view, the agnoized soul of James Dean was reportedly disappearing from Heaven Thursday as filmmakers finished constructing a CGI version of the actor.

“Oh no, the pain is excruciating—what is happening to me?”

At press time, the remaining aspects of James Dean’s spirit that could not be captured by CGI had been doomed to spend all eternity in an endless swirling purgatorial void. »