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Thursday November 7th, 2019 night edition

image for Under shroud of secrecy US weapons arrive in Yemen despite Congressional outrage

Aden is controlled by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, whose main partners are continuing to ship American-made weapons into the country despite bipartisan outrage in Congress over the way the US is backing Riyadh in this bloody and bitter conflict.

After this, the boat's tracking system was switched off, before it appeared again under the cover of darkness in Aden on October 29.

Iranian-backed Houthis rebels control the capital of Sanaa, while the US-supported, Saudi-led anti-Houthi forces hold Aden.

The separatists were using this equipment in the fight against government forces, who are also armed with US weapons.

What this latest Saudi delivery of American weaponry to Aden proves is US military hardware is still flowing into Yemen.

The deal also designates that "medium and heavy weapons" are placed in camps under coalition supervision.

No specific measures in the deal address the illicitly distributed US-made weaponry, whose advanced technology has proven decisive on the ground. »

The man who saved Kyoto from the atomic bomb

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INTERACTIVE Hiroshima Nagasaki Kyoto Kokura Emperor's palace, Tokyo Niigata Yokohama Hiroshima × First atomic bomb dropped, 6 August 1945.

× Kyoto × Japan's ancient traditional capital, Kyoto topped the list until Secretary of War Henry Stimson persuaded President Truman to remove it on the basis of its cultural importance.

But in early June 1945, Secretary of War Henry Stimson ordered Kyoto to be removed from the target list. »

Boris Johnson's Conservative party have received a surge in cash from Russian donors

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Boris Johnson's Conservative Party have received a surge in donations from Russians in recent months.

A new investigation reveals that Boris Johnson's Conservative party have received a surge in cash from Russian donors over the past year, as his government blocks publication of a report into Russian influence over recent elections.

An OpenDemocracy investigation found that the UK Conservative party received at least £498,850 from Russian business people and their associates between November 2018 and October 2019. »

How John le Carre reinvented the English language and made us all sound like spies

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Which leads us to consider whether John le Carre is, in a sense, a modern-day Shakespeare.

Le Carre -- the 84-year-old author's real name is, of course, David Cornwell - created much of the popular spy jargon that intelligence agents use and every English speaker knows.

"John le Carre: The Biography" shows us that the novelist's real life is just as fascinating as those le Carre depicts in his novels. »