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Sunday September 15th, 2019 morning edition

image for Kavanaugh accused of more unwanted sexual contact by former classmate: report

The New York Times reported Saturday that the latest allegation, which has until now not been public, was reported to the FBI during Kavanaugh's Supreme Court confirmation process last year but was not investigated by the FBI.

The Hill has reached out to the Supreme Court for comment.

Stier did not speak publicly about the story, according to the Times, but two U.S. officials reportedly corroborated his account to the FBI with the newspaper.

The allegation is the latest to be made public in a list of accusations of unwanted sexual contact or sexual assault that Kavanaugh has faced since he was first nominated to the Supreme Court by President Trump Donald John TrumpSupreme Court comes to Trump's aid on immigration Trump is failing on trade policy Trump holds call with Netanyahu to discuss possible US-Israel defense treaty MORE.

Despite a tumultuous confirmation process culminating in emotional testimony from both Kavanaugh and one of his accusers, Christine Blasey Ford, he was eventually confirmed to the court in a narrow Senate vote.

Kavanaugh has denied all of the allegations that he has faced, calling them politically motivated, and declined to answer questions about Stier's allegations to the Times on Saturday. »

Osama bin Laden's son killed in US operation, Donald Trump says

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Hamza bin Laden has been killed, the White House says.

The son of Osama bin Laden has been killed in a US counter-terrorism operation, President Donald Trump has confirmed.

A statement from the White House said: "Hamza bin Laden, the high-ranking al Qaeda member and son of Osama bin Laden, was killed in a United States counter-terrorism operation in the Afghanistan/Pakistan region. »

'Time outs' don't do any harm, parents told

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Using "time outs" to discipline children is not going to harm them or your relationship with them, US research suggests.

Despite criticism of the "naughty step" strategy, children's anxiety did not increase and neither did their aggressive behaviour, the eight-year study of families found.

The researchers measured children's positivity and negativity to parents, and their mental health and social skills - using games, observations and video-taped interactions. »

How the U.S. Military Creates More Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Entire Countries

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Climate change is the single greatest concern for war and disruption in the world, short of a nuclear exchange.".

Since 2008, 17 individual troops at U.S. bases have died from heat exhaustion during training exercises, according to a Pentagon report.

Not coincidentally, the past five years have been the hottest in human history, largely a result of human-driven climate change. »