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Saturday July 13rd, 2019 night edition

image for China 'hopping mad' as 22 countries sign UN letter on Uighur Muslims

Uighur Muslims outside a mosque in Xinjiang - they make up 45% of the population in the region.

Nearly two dozen countries have signed a joint letter to the United Nations calling on China to end the mass detention of Uighur people.

Image: China calls this site in Dabancheng, Xinjiang, a 'vocational skills education centre'.

Reuters quoted a diplomat as saying China's delegation to the UN was "hopping mad" about the letter and is preparing its own response.

UN experts say around one million Uighur Muslims are being held in detention centres in the Xinjiang region, in northwest China.

The unprecedented letter also calls on China to allow experts, including the High Commissioner for Human Rights, "meaningful access" to the region.

China's foreign ministry said the letter "neglected the facts" and was a slander against China, an interference in its affairs and the politicisation of human rights. »

Trump Labor Secretary Alex Acosta resigns amid pressure from Jeffrey Epstein sex traffic case

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Labor Secretary Alex Acosta said Friday he will resign amid controversy over the way he handled a sex crimes case against wealthy businessman Jeffrey Epstein a decade ago when he was U.S. attorney for southern Florida.

Trump said Acosta had called him Friday morning and that it was Acosta's decision to quit.

Deputy Labor Secretary Patrick Pizzella will take his place in an acting capacity, Trump said. »

FC Barcelona auf Twitter: "You were waiting for this.… "

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House Passes $733 Billion Defense Bill Checking Trump’s War Powers

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Mr. Trump vetoed legislation in April that invoked the War Powers Act to cut off American military support to the campaign.

Another amendment, also passed Thursday, would prevent the Trump administration from using emergency authority to transfer munitions to the kingdom.

But the main objection of Republicans to the defense bill was that it does not allocate enough money to the Defense Department. »

After Donald Trump Declared Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Died' the 'Terminator' Star Said 'I'm Still Here. Want to Compare Tax Returns?'

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So when the former governor of California found out that President Donald Trump said he had "died," it reignited a long-running feud.

Yahoo's White House Correspondent, Hunter Walker, tweeted that Trump had said at a social media summit: "Arnold Schwarzenegger ... You know what?

I was there.” - President Donald J. Trump — Arnold Schwarzenegger is, in fact, alive — Hunter Walker (@hunterw) July 11, 2019. »