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Sunday June 2nd, 2019 morning edition

image for Fox News stands by Laura Ingraham after she defends white supremacist, other extremists on her prime time show

New York (CNN Business) Fox News on Friday afternoon stood by Laura Ingraham after she defended a white supremacist and several other fringe people who have been banned or disciplined by large social media companies.

Ingraham's defense of the extremists on her prime time Fox show "The Ingraham Angle" came during a segment on Thursday about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's criticism of Facebook for not removing a video doctored to make it appear she was drunk and slurring her words.

Ingraham said calls for Facebook to remove the video were a "pretext to be able to silence voices.".

Later during the segment, Ingraham displayed a graphic showing images of people she characterized as "prominent voices censored on social media.".

That sounds good until you realize hate," Ingraham said.

"And these are some of the people they've shunned.". »

Poland plans to double jail terms for paedophiles

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Poland has announced plans to double jail terms for paedophiles after a documentary on priest sex abuse sparked outrage in the country.

The documentary includes harrowing testimonies from victims and has been viewed more than 18 million times.

The documentary "Only Don't Tell Anyone" includes secret camera footage of victims confronting priests about their alleged abuse. »

California is cracking down on the gig economy

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Hundreds of thousands of independent contractors in California, ranging from Uber and Amazon drivers to manicurists and exotic dancers, would likely become employees under the bill.

The California bill, known as AB5, expands a groundbreaking California Supreme Court decision last year known as Dynamex.

Uber would likely have to reclassify tens of thousands of drivers in California as employees — something Uber drivers have been fighting for in court, unsuccessfully, for years. »

Inky's Daring Escape Shows How Smart Octopuses Are

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He slid across the floor during the night and squeezed his body through a narrow pipe leading to open waters.

“He was very inquisitive and liked to push boundaries,” says Rob Yarrell, the manager of the National Aquarium of New Zealand.

Inky had managed to move the lid to his enclosure, which he shared with another octopus. »

A type of African mole rat is immune to the pain caused by wasabi

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All things in the animal kingdom, down to worms and flies, naturally avoid allyl isothiocyanate (AITC), the compound responsible for wasabi’s pungent taste.

But now researchers have discovered the first species immune to the burning pain caused by exposure to AITC, raising the prospect of new pain relief in humans and boosting our knowledge of evolution.

The understanding of the genetic mechanism for turning off pain perception could help people in future too. »