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Sunday June 2nd, 2019 night edition

image for Poland plans to double jail terms for paedophiles

Poland has announced plans to double jail terms for paedophiles after a documentary on priest sex abuse sparked outrage in the country.

Convicted paedophiles could now face a maximum sentence of 30 years or, in the most serious cases, life in prison.

The documentary includes harrowing testimonies from victims and has been viewed more than 18 million times.

However the ruling Law and Justice party says the legal amendments have been in the works for months.

The documentary "Only Don't Tell Anyone" includes secret camera footage of victims confronting priests about their alleged abuse.

Archbishop Wojciech Polak, the leader of Poland's Roman Catholic Church, has apologised to the victims.

In March, the Polish Church admitted that almost 400 clergy had sexually abused minors over the past 30 years. »

California is cracking down on the gig economy

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Hundreds of thousands of independent contractors in California, ranging from Uber and Amazon drivers to manicurists and exotic dancers, would likely become employees under the bill.

The California bill, known as AB5, expands a groundbreaking California Supreme Court decision last year known as Dynamex.

Uber would likely have to reclassify tens of thousands of drivers in California as employees — something Uber drivers have been fighting for in court, unsuccessfully, for years. »

Facebook reportedly thinks there's no 'expectation of privacy' on social media

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Facebook on Wednesday reportedly argued that it didn't violate users' privacy rights because there's no expectation of privacy when using social media.

"There is no invasion of privacy at all, because there is no privacy," Facebook counsel Orin Snyder said during a pretrial hearing to dismiss a lawsuit stemming from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, according to Law 360.

Earlier this month, Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg said she and CEO Mark Zuckerberg will do "whatever it takes" to keep people safe on Facebook. »

Search underway for eight climbers missing in Indian Himalayas

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(CNN) A search is underway for seven climbers -- four Britons, two Americans and an Australian -- and their Indian liaison officer, who went missing a week ago during an expedition in the Indian Himalayas, local authorities say.

The missing eight were part of a larger team of 12 who set off from the village of Munsiyari on May 13.

But 12 days later, on May 25, only four of the group returned to base camp, said Uttarakhand's Senior District Official, R.D. Paliwal. »

Donald Trump Won't Leave White House 'Voluntarily' If He Loses 2020 Election, Predicts GOP Candidate William Weld

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Republican presidential candidate and former Massachusetts Governor William Weld said Friday that he believes President Donald Trump will not willingly cede the Oval Office if he does not win the election in 2020.

I don't think the military and indeed even the Justice Department — the rank-and-file, the investigative agencies — would stand for that in this country.".

As he becomes more and more a dictator, we go 'That would never happen, they would never stand for that.'". »