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Monday April 29th, 2019 day edition

image for Insomniacs unable to get emotional distress off their mind

The scientists asked participants to relive their most shameful experiences of decades ago while making MRI scans of their brain activity.

While good sleepers literally settled those experiences in their head as neutralized memories, people with insomnia were not able to do so.

This breakthrough finding suggests that insomnia could primarily be caused by a failing neutralization of emotional distress.

Which makes it understandable that insomnia is the primary risk factor for the development of disorders of mood, anxiety, and posttraumatic stress.

The findings were published on 25 April in the leading scientific journal Brain.

But sleep is also essential for getting rid of the emotional distress that may have occurred during those experiences.

Scientists Rick Wassing, Frans Schalkwijk and Eus van Someren thus show that people with insomnia are haunted by memories of past distress. »

'I had to crawl': Amputee seeks damages after United Airlines and airport security seize scooter batteries

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Stearn Hodge demonstrates how he was forced to crawl on his holidays, after United Airlines and an airport security agent seized the batteries needed for his portable scooter.

He has now hired a lawyer and is fighting to have his case heard before the Canadian Human Rights Commission.

"When security can — even with regulations in place — seize what otherwise should be able to go onto the aircraft, that leaves people with disabilities very vulnerable.". »

Woman's 150 tea bag per day habit lead to bone disease, her doctors say

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A 47-year-old woman told Detroit doctors that she drank a pitcher of tea everyday for the past 17 years that contained anywhere from 100 to 150 tea bags.

Brewed tea has one of the highest fluoride contents among beverages in the United States, her doctors wrote.

Rao added to HealthDay there have been three to four cases in the U.S. associated with drinking large amounts of tea. »