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Thursday March 21st, 2019 day edition

image for Trump’s NASA budget slashes programs and cancels a powerful rocket upgrade

The request effectively cancels the development of a more powerful version of the SLS.

If the proposal is approved by Congress, that means NASA would focus on building a less powerful version of the rocket.

It’s a decision that could bolster critics of the SLS who argue that commercial rockets could be a better option than the delayed and over budget NASA rocket.

That version of the SLS calls for the rocket to have a powerful upper half, known as the Exploration Upper Stage, or EUS.

NASA touted the Block 1B as a rocket that could carry a significant amount of cargo as well as crews at the same time.

However, Bridenstine doesn’t see it that way, maintaining that there is still a place for the giant, expensive rocket at NASA.

This budget is just the beginning of the nearly year-long discussion in Congress that will culminate in the final budget for NASA and other government agencies for fiscal year 2020. »

Lucasfilm Games has been hiring for new Star Wars games and 'heritage projects'

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Disney and Lucasfilm Games are still committed to its partnership with developers and publishers like EA, a representative said, and there are no plans to change this.

Update: While the Disney Careers listings are all publisher-side jobs, it looks like Lucasfilm Games has also been looking for designers as far back as 2017.

Original story: Disney appears to have resurrected Lucasfilm Games. »

Biker gangs stand guard outside NZ mosques during first Friday prayer since massacre

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Bikers have vowed to stand guard outside New Zealand mosques as Muslims take part in their first Friday prayer following the Christchurch shootings.

He explained how The Mongrel Mob were contacted by representatives saying members of the Muslim community were fearful about Friday prayers.

They don't have to stand outside the mosque, they can come inside, right behind where the sermon is given.". »

AT&T CEO interrupted by a robocall during a live interview

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Last year, consumers received over 26.3 billion of these scammy calls and the problem only appears to be getting worse.

“I’m getting a robocall, too,” Stephenson said during the Economic Club event, ultimately declining the call on his Apple Watch.

AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson gets a robocall while onstage at @TheEconomicClub. — CSPAN (@cspan) March 20, 2019. »