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Friday November 23rd, 2018 day edition

image for In a first, FBI to begin collecting national data on police use of force

The National Use-of-Force Data Collection will track use-of-force incidents by police that result in death or serious bodily injury, and also incidents in which an officer fired a gun at a person, the FBI announced Wednesday.

Local, state, tribal, and federal jurisdictions can begin submitting data to the FBI via a web application on Jan. 1, 2019.

Law enforcement agencies across the country have come under fire for high-profile incidents of deaths and injuries by police officers.

No statistics have been available to track the incidents on a national scale, though some agencies collect their own data at the state and local level.

Members of a use-of-force data collection task force convened by the FBI also say they hope the data will increase transparency and in turn strengthen trust between the community and law enforcement.

The data collection program will be administered under the FBI's Uniform Crime Reporting program, the same arm that collects and releases national hate crime data.

The FBI also says they will offer data collection training for departments who participate. »

CIA has recording of MBS saying ‘silence Jamal Khashoggi’: report

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Trump, who announced this week that he would not seek to penalize the crown prince, on Thursday came to his defense again.

He also continued to dismiss the CIA’s conclusion that the prince direct­ed the journalist’s murder, saying the agency “points it both ways.”.

And we will not tolerate any discussion of anything that is disparaging towards our monarch or our crown prince. »

King George V was murdered, not euthanised | Letters

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Professor Bryant has not adequately explored the nuances of the death of King George V (Letters, 20 March).

It is misleading to say that the royal family at the time were unaware of the nature of his death.

In fact George’s conscious last words – delivered to a nurse who was administering an injection – were “God damn you!” »

[단독] 지코 제외한 블락비 6인, 현 소속사와 '재계약' 완료

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지코를 제외한 그룹 블락비 멤버 6명(태일 비범 피오 박경 유권 재효)이 현 소속사 세븐시즌스와 재계약했다는 사실이 <더팩트> 단독 취재로 밝혀졌다.

[더팩트|원세나·성지연 기자] 그룹 블락비의 리더 지코가 팀을 떠나기로 결정한 가운데 그를 제외한 6인의 멤버(태일, 재효, 비범, 피오, 박경, 유권)는 현 소속사 세븐시즌스와 인연을 이어간다.

관계자들의 말에 따르면 멤버 6인 모두 소속사에 남기로 결정한 것은 맞지만, 당분간 그룹 활동보다 개인 활동에 비중을 둘 예정이다. »