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Wednesday October 17th, 2018 day edition

image for Canada to pardon citizens convicted on simple marijuana possession charges: report

The Canadian government is reportedly planning to grant pardons to Canadians with past minor marijuana possession charges.

Canada’s CTV News reported that officials will announce the plan on Wednesday, the day that recreational marijuana legalization goes into effect.

CTV reported that pardons will be granted to those with possession charges for 30 grams of marijuana or less.

The new legal recreational marijuana law allows for possession of that amount.

The government will reportedly not announce an intention to issue record expungements or grant amnesty for the cases.

Canadian lawmakers voted in June to legalize recreational marijuana nationwide, lifting a 95-year-old ban.

Medical marijuana has been legal in Canada for nearly two decades. »

Ninja Sex Party is the quintessential YouTube band — except it transcends the Internet

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Still, when Conan O’Brien had Ninja Sex Party play on the late-night TV show in September, Wecht couldn’t help but feel nervous.

On his blog, Glover featured Ninja Sex Party’s second video, “The Decision,” after Avidan helped Glover’s father get into a UCB show.

(Most of Ninja Sex Party’s audience is 18 to 24 years old, a generation unfamiliar with the concept of buying music.). »

U.S. Senate Committee On The Budget

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Report: If Not for Republican Policies, the Federal Government Would Be Running a Surplus.

Without the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the enormous post-9/11 defense buildup and two rounds of costly, regressive tax cuts, the federal government would be running a $156 billion surplus instead of a $779 billion deficit.

The Trump Tax Cuts – which coupled permanent corporate tax cuts with temporary individual tax cuts – added $164 billion to the 2018 deficit. »