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Monday September 24th, 2018 evening edition

image for Hong Kong bans pro-independence party as China tightens grip

In an unprecedented move, Hong Kong has banned a pro-independence political party, causing outcry among critics who see the measure as another sign of the China’s tightening grip over the city.

“I hereby order that the operation or continued operation of the Hong Kong National Party in Hong Kong to be prohibited,” a notice from the security minister said on a government website.

Hong Kong cedes part of rail station to China in secretive ceremony Read more.

It is the first time since Hong Kong was handed back to China by Britain 21 years ago that a political party has been banned.

Under the terms of the handover, semi-autonomous Hong Kong is meant to enjoy freedoms unseen on the mainland, including freedom of expression, association, and elections.

“The banning of the Hong Kong National Party is a milestone in the Beijing and Hong Kong governments’ assault on Hong Kong’s freedoms,” said Maya Wang, senior China researcher for Human Rights Watch.

“If Hong Kong were to become truly democratic, Hong Kong sovereignty must rest with the people of Hong Kong. »

Canadian politician says a family can eat on $75 a week

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A Canadian political leader has been caught in a dangerous election campaign trap: not knowing the cost of groceries.

Quebec Liberal leader Phillipe Couillard told a radio station this week that a family of three could eat for a week on C$75 ($57; £45).

Various estimates suggest families spend anywhere from a low of $140 a week to roughly $230 a week on food. »

Why Do Clocks Run Clockwise?

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It’s a total cop-out to say that clocks run clockwise because that’s how clocks run...but it’s also kind of true.

The modern convention is no arbitrary design choice, but rather a direct adaptation of the original timepiece: the sundial.

Which begs the question, would clocks run the opposite direction if we’d based them on sundials in the Southern Hemisphere? »

Bill Cosby faces sentencing over sex assault

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Bill Cosby, the comedian once known as "America's Dad", faces the prospect of spending the rest of his life in prison over sexual assault charges.

In June 2017, she described being given pills that left her "frozen" and unable to stop Cosby from assaulting her.

That was the decade Cosby began his career, debuting on NBC's The Tonight Show in 1963 as a stand-up comic. »