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Monday August 13rd, 2018 day edition

image for Scientists Just Successfully Reversed Ageing in Lab Grown Human Cells

This is still a long way from reality, but in our latest experiment, we have reversed the ageing of human cells, which could provide the basis for future anti-degeneration drugs.

There are many reasons why our cells and tissues stop functioning, but a new focus in the biology of ageing is the accumulation of "senescent" cells in the tissues and organs.

Senescent cells are older deteriorated cells that do not function as they should, but also compromise the function of cells around them.

Removal of these old dysfunctional cells has been shown to improve many features of ageing in animals such as the delayed onset of cataracts.

This means that aged cells are less able to switch genes on and off to respond to changes in their environment.

We and others have shown that the levels of these important regulators decline in blood samples from elderly humans, and also in isolated human senescent cells of different tissue types.

Lorna Harries, Associate Professor in Molecular Genetics, University of Exeter and Matt Whiteman, Professor of Experimental Therapeutics, University of Exeter. »

Caribbean island of Dominica bans plastic and Styrofoam

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The island nation has announced its aim to completely ban common plastics and single-use Styrofoam cups and food containers -- effective January 2019.

Plastic bans or charges are effective in a number of countries across the world.

The full list of items that will be banned in Dominica has yet to be finalized, but the government says it will include plastic straws, plastic plates, plastic forks, plastic knives, Styrofoam cups and Styrofoam containers. »

Surrounded by Thousands of Protesters, White Nationalists Sneak Out of Their Own D.C. Rally

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Unite the Right II, meant to mark the one-year anniversary of the deadly Charlottesville hate rally, was a bust.

Its organizer, Jason Kessler, had spent the previous year accumulating enemies, from white supremacists who attended his first rally to thousands of anti-fascists protesters who were ready to shut down his sequel on Sunday.

Police had previously suggested three private train cars for the white supremacists, in order to keep them separated from protesters. »

Vimeo just decided to remove content from InfoWars conspiracy theorist Alex Jones

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InfoWars’ videos violated the company’s Terms of Service prohibitions on discriminatory and hateful content, a Vimeo spokesperson told Business Insider.

Vimeo has removed Alex Jones’ InfoWars from its platform for violating the company’s Terms of Service standards, a Vimeo spokesperson told Business Insider on Sunday.

Vimeo’s decision comes on the heels of Facebook, YouTube and Apple recently removing videos by InfoWars and its founder Alex Jones. »

Opponents of vaccination think they know more than medical experts

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Vaccines prevent the outbreak of diseases that used to be widespread, like polio, and scientific consensus strongly supports their safety.

One possibility is that attitudes about medical experts help to explain the endorsement of anti-vax attitudes.

In contrast, 16 percent of those who do not think that they know more than medical professionals felt the same way. »