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Saturday June 16th, 2018 evening edition

image for Trade tariffs: Chinese media in Trump 'fools build walls' jibe

Chinese media have mocked US President Donald Trump over plans to impose 25% tariffs on $50bn worth of Chinese goods, saying "wise men build bridges but fools build walls".

China retaliated, saying it would impose an additional 25% tariff on 659 US goods worth $50bn.

The US had earlier warned that it will impose even more tariffs should China retaliate.

Mr Trump said the tariffs were "essential to preventing further unfair transfers of American technology and intellectual property to China, which will protect American jobs.".

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media caption How hogs and Harleys became weapons in a looming trade war.

US tariffs that affect more than 800 Chinese products worth $34bn in annual trade are due to come into effect on 6 July.

The plans have elicited a mixed political reaction, drawing praise from Democrats and opposition from Republicans, who typically favour free trade policies. »

Social rejection is painful and can lead to violence -- mindfulness may provide a solution

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"Therefore it is critical that researchers find adaptive ways at responding to social rejection, and mindfulness may be one effective emotion regulation strategy.".

They ran an experiment in which 40 undergraduate students self-reported their levels of mindfulness, and then were placed in an fMRI scanner.

For the last third of the game, the participants stopped receiving any ball tosses from the other players, mimicking the conditions of social rejection. »

Citibank fined $100 million for interest rate manipulation

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Citibank will pay a huge fine for manipulating an important interest rate.

Following an investigation, the states said Citibank manipulated Libor, a benchmark interest rate that helps set lending rates across the world.

Related: Société Générale fined $860 million for bribes and rate manipulation. »

The Lion King stars look back on the making of the animated hit

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But when it was finally released in 1994, The Lion King became the most successful animated film of all time up until that point.

MATTHEW BRODERICK (Simba): I remember getting the call for this big Disney animated film while I was on vacation in Ireland.

ERNIE SABELLA (Pumbaa): Nathan and I were doing Guys and Dolls on Broadway, so we went to the audition together. »