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Tuesday March 6th, 2018 evening edition

image for Chicago pizza delivery woman moved to tears after church honors her with incredible tip

CHICAGO -- A local delivery driver was brought to tears after being surprised with an incredible tip during a Chicago church service.

For the entire month of February, New Life Covenant Church, located in Chicago's Humboldt Park, says they had been challenging members of the church to honor people.

On Sunday, Feb. 25, Pastor Wilfredo De Jesús ordered a pizza with the intentions of surprising, and honoring, the delivery person.

When Monique Hall arrived with the church's pizza order, she was brought up to the stage by the pastor, totally clueless of what was about to happen.

In a video posted to Facebook Monday, Pastor Wilfredo then called for church members to join him, to also give Hall a tip.

I did not understand why so many people had stood up for a pizza delivery person," Hall told WGN.

Hall not only left the church with a basket full of tips, but she also left with a bible, a gift bag, and a prayer from the church led by Pastor Wilfredo. »

HP releases new germicide-resistant computers for hospitals

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HP announced a new line of laptops, displays, and all-in-one desktops resistant to intense cleaning materials for people who work in hospitals and doctors’ offices.

There’s HP’s EliteOne 800 Healthcare Edition All-in-One desktop, there’s the 27-inch HP Healthcare Edition Clinical Review Display, and there’s the EliteBook 840 Healthcare Edition notebook.

The HP EliteBook has a physically isolated security controller, which will supposedly make it more difficult for hackers to access. »

Washington becomes first state to pass net neutrality law after FCC repeal

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“All Washingtonians should enjoy equal and unfettered access to the educational, social and economic power of the internet,” Inslee said.

“I’m proud that Washington state is helping lead the way to preserve these net neutrality rules, which ensure a level playing field for consumers and innovators.”.

Attorneys general in nearly two dozen states, joined by public interest groups and internet companies, have sued to overturn the repeal. »

How a Worm Gave the South a Bad Name — NOVA Next

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Mosquitoes sneak bites, roaches creep into bedrooms, chiggers bore into tender skin around panty lines, and parasitic worms invade vulnerable guts.

Hookworm was often an unappetizing topic of conversation around the dinner table, and knowledge of those parasites shaped Nuwer household conduct.

“Maybe I was a little more conscious of worms as a mother than a normal person,” my mom recently admitted. »