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Wednesday September 13rd, 2023 day edition

image for The Russian pilot who defected to Ukraine with a Mi-8 helicopter is now providing key aviation intelligence to Ukraine, defense agency says

The Russian pilot who defected to Ukraine with a helicopter last month is now helping Ukraine fight Russia.

Maksym Kuzminov is providing Russian aviation intelligence to Ukraine.

The Russian pilot who defected to Ukraine with a Mi-8 helicopter last month is arming Ukraine with more than just military equipment.

Maksym Kuzminov, the helicopter pilot who switched sides in a daring defection, is now providing the Ukrainian military with key Russian aviation intelligence, according to an interview with Kuzminov released by the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine.

Kuzminov is sharing information about Russia's communication systems and airfields network with Ukraine's intelligence service, the agency said.

Kuzminov first reached out to Ukraine's Defense Intelligence at the end of 2022, jumpstarting a plan for him to flee Russia with his helicopter.

After Kuzminov landed in the Kharkiv region, the helicopter was eventually moved to safer territory, Ukraine's defense intelligence said. »

Rep. Lauren Boebert escorted out of "Beetlejuice" musical in Denver

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U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert was escorted out of a Sunday night performance of the “Beetlejuice” musical in downtown Denver, accused by venue officials of vaping, singing, recording and “causing a disturbance” during the performance.

But her campaign office — while disputing the behavior alleged — confirmed that she was escorted from the Buell on Sunday night during the “Beetlejuice” show.

Denver Arts & Venues on Tuesday night released security video showing Boebert’s interactions with theater staff as she and her companion were escorted out:. »

No, GTA 6 Won’t Be 750 GB In Size and Cost $150

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If there’s one thing that you should be doing, it’s remaining calm and evaluating the news that hits the airwaves.

It really does work a lot better when you put your faith in trusted sources and you don’t believe every modded GTA V video that’s masquerading as the latest GTA 6 leak.

Recently, the hottest ‘leak’ to hit the social media circles stated that GTA 6 will be 750 GB in size and it’ll have a story that lasts ‘at least’ 400 hours, which is laughable at best. »

Ferry Crew Pushes Passenger to Death

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Crewmembers aboard the inter-island ferry, known as the "BLUE HORIZON," tragically contributed to the death of a man as they pushed him when he tried to onboard the departing ferry.

Shockingly, the crew failed to assist after the man fell off the ferry.

The four crewmembers responsible are facing charges related to their involvement in the altercation that resulted in the death of the 36-year-old individual, Antonis Kargiotis. »