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Sunday September 10th, 2023 morning edition

image for US seizes nearly 1 million barrels of Iranian oil allegedly bound for China

The US government seized nearly 1 million barrels of Iranian crude oil allegedly bound for China, according to newly unsealed court documents and a statement released by the Department of Justice on Friday.

“This is the first-ever criminal resolution involving a company that violated sanctions by facilitating the illicit sale and transport of Iranian oil,” according to the DOJ.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a US-designated foreign terrorist organization, allegedly shipped more than 980,000 barrels of oil, the press release stated.

The DOJ claimed that “multiple entities affiliated with Iran’s IRGC and the IRGC-Qods Force” were involved in the scheme to “disguise the origin of the oil” and illegally sell it to China, according to court documents.

In April, the company operating the ship carrying the oil, Empire Navigation, pleaded guilty to conspiring to violate the International Emergency Economic Powers Act.

The IRCG was fined almost $2.5 million and was sentenced to three years of corporate probation.

The company’s vessel, Suez Rajan Limited, transported the contraband to the US and “incurred the significant expenses associated with the vessel’s voyage to the United States,” according to the DOJ. »

A couple is demanding a refund after they were seated next to a drooling and farting dog on a 13-hour flight

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A couple is demanding Singapore Airlines refunds their 13-hour flight from Paris to Singapore.

Gill and Warren Press said they were sat next to a drooling, farting dog on the flight.

A couple is demanding that Singapore Airlines refunds plane tickets for their flight from Paris to Singapore because they were sat next to a dog that was farting, drooling, and "snorting" throughout the flight. »

China claims ownership of the Taiwan Strait. Canada just sailed a warship through it

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Soon it would have Chinese warships on all sides, during a 14-hour crossing of international waters that China claims as its own.

The Taiwan Strait is 160 kilometres wide at its narrowest point and separates mainland China from Taiwan.

The Chinese government claims both Taiwan and the strait as its own, as has described previous naval crossings as "stirring up trouble.". »

Australia wants to force cats to stay inside or give them a curfew because they are murdering so many other animals they are a threat to the country’s biodiversity

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Australian officials want to curb the negative impact so many cats have on the environment.

There are 8.1 million cats in Australia, and there is almost no part of the country they aren't found roaming about.

At such huge numbers, Australian felines — both domestic and feral — pose a real threat to the continent's biodiversity. »