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Sunday September 10th, 2023 day edition

image for Texas heat wave: US Energy Department declares power emergency

The US Energy Department has issued an emergency order aimed at keeping the lights on in Texas as the state’s power grid grapples with surging demand amid record-high temperatures.

The order, issued Thursday night, could allow Texas power plants to surpass pollution limits through Friday night to meet “abnormally high” demand for electricity.

Jennifer Granholm, US secretary of energy, determined in the order that “an emergency exists in Texas due to a shortage of electric energy, a shortage of facilities for the generation of electric energy and other causes.”.

As the heat wave continues to shatter records across the country, including in Texas, energy demand for things like air conditioning have frequently taxed the state’s delicate power grid with wind and solar energy helping to prop it up.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which oversees the electric grid serving 90% of the state’s customers, filed a request for the emergency order Wednesday.

ERCOT warned that power outages could become necessary if demand isn’t lowered or additional supply can’t be added.

As of Friday morning, ERCOT’s website indicated there is “enough power for current demand,” but supply and demand is expected to get tight again later in the day. »

US seizes nearly 1 million barrels of Iranian oil allegedly bound for China

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The US government seized nearly 1 million barrels of Iranian crude oil allegedly bound for China, according to newly unsealed court documents and a statement released by the Department of Justice on Friday.

“This is the first-ever criminal resolution involving a company that violated sanctions by facilitating the illicit sale and transport of Iranian oil,” according to the DOJ.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, a US-designated foreign terrorist organization, allegedly shipped more than 980,000 barrels of oil, the press release stated. »

A couple is demanding a refund after they were seated next to a drooling and farting dog on a 13-hour flight

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A couple is demanding Singapore Airlines refunds their 13-hour flight from Paris to Singapore.

Gill and Warren Press said they were sat next to a drooling, farting dog on the flight.

A couple is demanding that Singapore Airlines refunds plane tickets for their flight from Paris to Singapore because they were sat next to a dog that was farting, drooling, and "snorting" throughout the flight. »

China claims ownership of the Taiwan Strait. Canada just sailed a warship through it

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Soon it would have Chinese warships on all sides, during a 14-hour crossing of international waters that China claims as its own.

The Taiwan Strait is 160 kilometres wide at its narrowest point and separates mainland China from Taiwan.

The Chinese government claims both Taiwan and the strait as its own, as has described previous naval crossings as "stirring up trouble.". »

Starfield ship master builds a Star Wars Imperial Destroyer so epic that it lags the game and needs a 21-page how-to guide

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Originally posted on the Starfield subreddit, master shipbuilder Jackygold shared exactly how to build the Imperial Star Destroyer in Bethesda’s space epic.

It should be noted, however, that the ship can only be recreated on PC since several mods are required to construct a vessel this enormous.

They recommend that “if you are already struggling to run Starfield, do not do this build as you may make your game unplayable.” »