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Wednesday August 30th, 2023 day edition

image for A Majority Of Ohio Voters—Including Most Republicans—Support Marijuana Legalization Initiative On November Ballot, New Survey Finds

New Ohio survey results on November marijuana legalization ballot issue: — Fallon Research (@FallonResearch) August 29, 2023.

While both surveys found that 59 percent of Ohioans back the reform, Fallon’s puts Republican support at 48 percent, while opposition is at 46 percent.

Another 62 percent of politically unaffiliated voters support the initiative.

The measure also enjoys majority support across racial groups and all age categories except those 65 and older, though there’s still plurality support within that group as well.

The poll involved interviews with 501 registered Ohio voters from August 22-25, with a +/-4.4 percentage point margin of error.

Marijuana Moment is tracking more than 1,000 cannabis, psychedelics and drug policy bills in state legislatures and Congress this year.

Meanwhile, bipartisan Ohio lawmakers filed a bill to legalize marijuana in May, offering the legislature another opportunity to take the lead on the reform. »

Allen family of four found dead in apparent murder-suicide, police say

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Allen police say a family that lost their 4-year-old daughter in a drowning earlier this month was found dead after an apparent murder-suicide on Monday.

Police found the bodies of the four family members inside their home on Aberdeen Drive in Allen on Monday morning.

Police also confirmed the family lost their 4-year-old daughter Lyian Sherwani to a drowning earlier this month. »

As China replants its own forests, it is destroying the world’s

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That’s because China has a very long record of razing forests to feed its development.

Alongside its economic rise in recent decades, it has taken on an outsize and accelerating role in global deforestation.

By the 13th century, early industrialisation in China produced severe shortages of wood, then the main source of energy. »

Maine’s puffin colonies recovering in the face of climate change

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EASTERN EGG ROCK, Maine (AP) — On remote islands off the Maine coast, a unique bird held its own this year in the face of climate change.

He said it’s a sign the impact of climate change on ecosystems is not always as tidy as we think.

An Atlantic puffin flies with baitfish to feed its chick on Eastern Egg Rock, Maine, Sunday, Aug. 5, 2023. »