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Friday August 25th, 2023 night edition

image for Florida colleges bathroom rule: Harsh penalties approved for state college employees who use restrooms that don't correspond with gender assigned at birth

Florida education officials on Wednesday unanimously approved harsher penalties against state college employees who violate a new law barring them and students from using restrooms or changing facilities for a gender other than the one assigned at birth.

The move by the state board of education comes as LGBTQ advocates have criticized the law as a larger effort to erase them from Florida schools and society.

Under the new rules approved Wednesday, staff and faculty at Florida colleges can be fired if they use a restroom for a gender that does not correspond with their gender assigned at birth.

Employees may also face a verbal and written warning and suspension without pay as penalty for a first offense.

Colleges will be forced to fire employees after a second offense, according to the new rule’s text.

The complaint must also include “the circumstances of the event sufficient to establish a violation,” according to the new rule.

Florida’s college system consists of 28 public community and state colleges—and it operates as a separate entity from the state’s university system. »

New poll shows Lauren Boebert losing reelection as majority of her district doesn’t like her

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A new poll from Keating Research shows Democrat Adam Frisch beating Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) in the 2024 election to represent Colorado’s Third Congressional District.

“This is the only poll that I have seen with Adam up,” Chris Keating of Keating Research said.

The poll showed that 50% of likely voters in the district say they will vote for Frisch, who almost beat Boebert in 2022 in the purple district, and only 48% say they’re voting for Boebert. »

Lego to sell bricks coded with braille to help vision-impaired children read

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Lego is to begin selling bricks coded with braille to help blind and partially sighted children learn to read the touch-based alphabet.

Lisa Taylor, mum to seven-year-old Olivia, said: “Olivia first discovered Lego braille bricks at school and they had such a big impact on her curiosity for braille.

Rasmus Løgstrup, the Lego Group lead designer on braille bricks, said the company had been “inundated with thousands of requests to make [the bricks] more widely available”. »

Georgia Man Arrested for Stealing His Neighbors’ Entire Front Porch

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A Georgia man is facing a felony charge after he was accused of stealing a full wooden porch from his neighbor.

A Georgia man was charged with one count of felony theft after he allegedly walked past several "no trespassing" signs and stole a neighbor's wooden porch.

Swanger was charged with two counts of domestic violence including battery for the incident, in addition to one count of felony theft for stealing the porch. »