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Thursday August 24th, 2023 evening edition

image for Lego to sell bricks coded with braille to help vision-impaired children read

Lego is to begin selling bricks coded with braille to help blind and partially sighted children learn to read the touch-based alphabet.

Lego hopes the initiative will help parents and siblings share in learning braille, and the packs will include ideas for a range of educational games that families can play together.

He said learning braille via Lego made the process less slow and dull, while using a toy “that everybody recognises means it doesn’t feel weird.

Lisa Taylor, mum to seven-year-old Olivia, said: “Olivia first discovered Lego braille bricks at school and they had such a big impact on her curiosity for braille.

We can play with braille together as a family and she can introduce braille to her little sister in a way they both love.

Lego braille bricks are accessible for her without being really different for other kids, so she gets to play and learn just like every other child,” Taylor said.

Rasmus Løgstrup, the Lego Group lead designer on braille bricks, said the company had been “inundated with thousands of requests to make [the bricks] more widely available”. »

BRICS invites six countries including Saudi Arabia, Iran to be new members

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A person walks past the Sandton Convention Centre, which will host the upcoming BRICS Summit, in Johannesburg, South Africa August 19, 2023.

JOHANNESBURG, Aug 24 (Reuters) - The BRICS group of nations has decided to invite six countries - Argentina, Egypt, Iran, Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates - to become new members of the bloc, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa said on Thursday.

While all BRICS members have publicly expressed support for growing the bloc, there were divisions among the leaders over how much and how quickly. »

Ukraine Just Blew Up Russia’s Main Missile Base In Occupied Crimea

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After capturing Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula in February 2014, the Russian armed forces established a major missile base on Cape Tarkhankut in western Crimea.

It’s not unfair to call the Cape Tarkhankut site the linchpin of Russian air and naval defenses across the Black Sea and Crimea.

Ideally, Ukraine would liberate Crimea “without a fight,” Ukrainian defense minister Oleksii Reznikov has said. »

Why do Republicans even bother with this whole farce?

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The GOP exists mainly as a vehicle for the endless parade of unwarranted, incoherent grievances of the Republican base.

When whining and playing the victim are all that the voters want from their leaders, of course Trump rises to the top.

But when businessman-turned-professional troll Vivek Ramaswamy hollered the slogan, "Drill, frack, burn coal and embrace nuclear," the audience went nuts. »

Georgia Man Arrested for Stealing His Neighbors’ Entire Front Porch

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A Georgia man is facing a felony charge after he was accused of stealing a full wooden porch from his neighbor.

A Georgia man was charged with one count of felony theft after he allegedly walked past several "no trespassing" signs and stole a neighbor's wooden porch.

Swanger was charged with two counts of domestic violence including battery for the incident, in addition to one count of felony theft for stealing the porch. »