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Thursday August 24th, 2023 day edition

image for 'Quite deplorable': Wagner employees allegedly loot Prigozhin's headquarters

Employees of the finance department allegedly specialize in "collecting cardboard oaks" and withholding the pay of fighters killed in Ukraine.

Chaotic conditions are said to prevail at the headquarters of the Wagner mercenaries in St. Petersburg, Russia, while Yevgeny Prigozhin is apparently in exile in Africa.

Now, in Russia's second-largest city, the headquarters of Wagner boss Yevgeny Prigozhin himself is apparently looted after the disgraced military entrepreneur had to leave St. Petersburg (around five million inhabitants).

Yevgeny Prigozhin: In the headquarters of the Wagner mercenaries, things are supposed to go haywire.

While doubts about Moscow's ruler Vladimir Putin's war course are said to be growing in Russia, things are probably going haywire 700 kilometers northwest, in St. Petersburg, at the Wagner headquarters.

Wagner mercenaries from Russia: employees allegedly loot headquarters in St. Petersburg. »

Justice Dept. brings wave of cases over $836 million in alleged covid fraud

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In one of the largest national crackdowns on fraud targeting federal coronavirus aid, the Justice Department on Wednesday said it had brought 718 law enforcement actions in connection with the alleged theft of more than $836 million.

The Justice Department said Wednesday that it had filed charges or at least launched investigations related to roughly $8.6 billion in alleged coronavirus aid fraud since the start of the pandemic.

The caper contributed to an estimated $191 billion in potential losses, including fraud, according to a federal projection issued this year. »

India Becomes Fourth Nation To Land On The Moon—And First To South Pole

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India has joined the U.S., China and the former USSR in successfully soft-landing a spacecraft on the surface of the moon.

The uncrewed Chandrayaan-3 mission has also become the first to land close to the moon’s south pole.

NASA’s Artemis-3 mission, scheduled for the mid-202s, will land one female and one male astronaut on the surface of the moon in the south pole region. »

Promoter Peddles VIP Tickets for Fyre Fest 2.0 After Prison Stint

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"Fyre Festival II tickets are officially on sale," McFarland said in the August 21 video .

"It has been the absolute wildest journey to get here, and it really all started during a seventh-month stint in solitary confinement.

"McFarland said he had partnered with production companies to create "Fyre Festival: The Broadway Musical. »