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Wednesday August 23rd, 2023 day edition

image for 12-year-old held after alleged threat to Lakeview Elementary School

The boy was suspended from Sarasota Middle School Aug. 17 after the boy was observed by a school district police officer mimicking cocking a shotgun, the latest in a series of behavior problems, records show.

According to the incident reports, the school police requested the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office conduct a threat assessment of the student’s home.

After the boy’s parents consented to a search, deputies found multiple unsecured firearms inside the home belonging to the father.

They also found two maps of the boy’s former school Lakeview Elementary School.

ABC7 will not reveal the names of the teachers threatened, or the name of the minor involved.

The sheriff’s office filed a temporary risk protection order, to remove all firearms and ammunition from the home.

The student was transported to Bayside Center for Behavioral Health for evaluation, the report said. »

Ukraine blows up five jets ‘deep within Russian territory’

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Five Russian jets have been blown up by Ukraine in the past three days, as Britain said drone attacks on targets within Russia were being launched from inside its own territory.

“The Russian Defence Ministry said that a copter-style uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) was responsible for the attack,” the MoD said.

“If true, this adds weight to the assessment that some UAV attacks against Russian military targets are being launched from inside Russian territory. »

With lawsuit dismissed, student loan debt forgiveness begins for 800,000 borrowers

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With lawsuit dismissed, student loan debt forgiveness begins for 800,000 borrowers.

Show Caption Hide Caption SCOTUS student debt relief decision blocks Biden's forgiveness program The Supreme Court blocked a key route for having all or some of America's $1 trillion in student loan debt erased.

$39 billion in debt could be erased: New round of student loan debt forgiveness will erase balances for over 800,000 people. »

Did Tennessee Republicans Ban Seahorse Book Because It 'Normalized Gender Fluidity'?

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One of the most vocal groups has been the Williamson County chapter of Moms for Liberty ...

The group shared their findings from a review of several "Wit & Wisdom" books to audiences at their "CRT 101" event last month.

That Moms for Liberty "review of several books" included complaints over a book and an associated video titled "Sea Horse: The Shyest Fish in the Sea." »

Camp David Pact is About Defense — And Tech

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When US, Japanese, and South Korean leaders signed a security agreement at Camp David, they were not just looking to deepen military and intelligence cooperation.

The Camp David summit focused on China.

But Japan and South Korea are likely to cut back on new tech investment in their Chinese facilities. »