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Wednesday August 23rd, 2023 morning edition

image for Ukraine blows up five jets ‘deep within Russian territory’

Five Russian jets have been blown up by Ukraine in the past three days, as Britain said drone attacks on targets within Russia were being launched from inside its own territory.

“The Russian Defence Ministry said that a copter-style uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) was responsible for the attack,” the MoD said.

“If true, this adds weight to the assessment that some UAV attacks against Russian military targets are being launched from inside Russian territory.

Several open-source intelligence outlets have since verified the images and on Tuesday, the BBC’s Russian Service released fresh satellite imagery supporting the reports.

“Those drone operations were coordinated by the GUR, and they caused significant losses to the Russian air force,” an unnamed GUR official told The New Voice of Ukraine news website.

The official added that agents cooperating with the intelligence service had destroyed or damaged five Russian aircraft in recent days.

Separately on Tuesday, reports emerged that Gen Sergei Surovikin had been dismissed as the head of the Russian Air Force. »

Sam Bankman-Fried living on bread and water because jail won't abide by vegan diet, lawyer says

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An attorney for FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried said in federal court Tuesday his client has to subsist on bread, water and peanut butter because the jail he's in isn't accommodating his vegan diet.

A superseding indictment charged him with wire fraud, securities fraud and money laundering that defrauded customers of FTX and lenders to his cryptocurrency hedge fund, Alameda Research.

FTX co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried leaves federal court in New York City on Feb. 16. »

With lawsuit dismissed, student loan debt forgiveness begins for 800,000 borrowers

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With lawsuit dismissed, student loan debt forgiveness begins for 800,000 borrowers.

Show Caption Hide Caption SCOTUS student debt relief decision blocks Biden's forgiveness program The Supreme Court blocked a key route for having all or some of America's $1 trillion in student loan debt erased.

$39 billion in debt could be erased: New round of student loan debt forgiveness will erase balances for over 800,000 people. »

Camp David Pact is About Defense — And Tech

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When US, Japanese, and South Korean leaders signed a security agreement at Camp David, they were not just looking to deepen military and intelligence cooperation.

The Camp David summit focused on China.

But Japan and South Korea are likely to cut back on new tech investment in their Chinese facilities. »

Trump accused of skipping debate because he’s ‘scared of Chris Christie’

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Donald Trump has been accused of not attending the first Republican primary debate because he’s supposedly scared of former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who has vowed to come after Mr Trump.

He saw what Chris Christie did to Marco Rubio when Chris Christie went into a debate with one thing in mind.

Donald Trump and Chris Christie are in a battle of words on the 2024 campaign trail (EPA). »