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Monday August 7th, 2023 morning edition

image for U.S. Navy destroyers dispatched to Aleutians after Chinese, Russian vessels spotted nearby

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (KTUU) - Four U.S. Navy warships were recently dispatched to the Aleutian Islands following an incursion of 11 foreign military vessels in American waters.

The exact time and location of the incursion was not made public, and information about the event is still being declassified.

Ships from other nations are permitted to complete voyages through waters identified as territories of another country in a practice known as innocent passage.

“It certainly reminds us of how important Alaska is, from both a strategic standpoint, but also a force projection standpoint,” Sullivan said.

“After last year’s incursion, I mentioned to several leaders in the military, hey, we need to prepare for this happening again.

In September of 2021, Coast Guard vessels located Chinese ships near the Aleutian Island chain.

Although Alaskans are not in danger, the presence of foreign military vessels nearby may be unsettling to residents. »

Mother who was accused by Southwest of trafficking her biracial daughter files federal discrimination suit

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A white mother who was suspected of trafficking her biracial daughter in October 2021 by Southwest Airlines employees has filed a racial discrimination suit against the company.

Upon landing in Denver, MacCarthy and her daughter were confronted by police officers because a flight attendant suspected her of potential human trafficking.

A federal lawsuit filed Thursday in the District Court of Colorado accused Southwest Airlines of racial discrimination. »

Rare walrus calf rescued in Alaska after wandering alone currently under 24/7 cuddle care

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A rare walrus calf is under 24/7 cuddle care after he was found wandering alone in northern Alaska last week.

The Pacific walrus calf, estimated to be about a month old, arrived at the Alaska SeaLife Center on August 1 after being spotted on Alaska’s North Slope, about four miles inland from the Beaufort Sea, according to the Alaska SeaLife Center.

The walrus is receiving cuddle care after he was found in an unusual spot in Alaska. »

Starfield Pre-load Date & Download Size Revealed

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Online retailer Amazon has revealed the pre-load date for Starfield, and both Steam and the Xbox Store have shared the game’s download size at launch.

The download size for Starfield on PC and Xbox Series X|S can be seen below.

As seen above, Starfield weighs in at 125 GB, and will therefore require plenty of space for installation. »

Fifty-seven swimmers fall sick and get diarrhoea at world triathlon championship in Sunderland

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At least 57 people fell ill with sickness and diarrhoea after competing in sea swimming events at the World Triathlon Championship Series in Sunderland, health officials confirmed this weekend.

The triathlon event at Sunderland was the British leg of the World Triathlon Championship Series, and took place within the qualification window for the Paris 2024 Olympic games.

British Triathlon said it was working closely with Sunderland city council and the UKHSA to establish the cause of the illnesses. »