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Sunday August 6th, 2023 night edition

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Vehicle loans are generally exempt from those reporting requirements, as long as they are secured by the vehicle and the loan amount doesn’t exceed its purchase price.

Richard W. Painter, a White House ethics lawyer during the George W. Bush administration, said that when it comes to questions of disclosure, the ethics treatment of gifts and income often parallels the tax treatment.

But those intricacies aside, he said, “justices just should not be accepting private loans from wealthy individuals outside their family.”

If they do, he added, “you have to ask, why is a justice going to this private individual and not to a commercial lender, unless the justice is getting something he or she otherwise could not get.”.

Justice Thomas has pointed to interpretations of the disclosure rules to defend his failure to report much of the largess he has received.

The Thomases’ known benefactors include wealthy men like the Dallas real estate developer Harlan Crow, the conservative judicial kingmaker Leonard Leo and several members of the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans, which honors people who succeed despite adversity.

Among them: the longtime Miami Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga, who flew the justice around on his jet. »

EMT arrested for stealing money from undercover investigator posing as patient

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A New York City Fire Department emergency medical technician was arrested and charged with stealing $600 from an undercover investigator posing as a sick patient.

The investigator went undercover after receiving allegations of theft involving the EMT, according to the NYC Department of Investigation.

The undercover investigator saw the EMT remove his wallet while in the ambulance, which contained $1,100 in marked bills. »

Major Amazon deforester arrested in Brazil: 6,500 hectares cleared, assets frozen

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Brazilian police have arrested a businessman, identified as Bruno Heller, in Novo Progresso, southern Pará, accused of being responsible for deforesting over 6,500 hectares of the Amazon rainforest.

This action was part of a federal operation called "Retomada," aimed at combating fraudulent land registration for deforestation.

He was arrested with unregistered raw gold and an illegal weapon in his possession. »

Chinese embassy slams Moscow over Russian border incident

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The Chinese embassy in Moscow on Friday criticized “brutal and excessive law enforcement by Russia” after five Chinese citizens were denied entry into the country.

In a post on Chinese social media platform WeChat, the embassy said the incident had “seriously damaged the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese citizens.”.

On attempting to enter Russia on July 29, the group of Chinese citizens was “repeatedly” questioned for “up to 4 hours,” according to the statement. »