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Saturday July 29th, 2023 morning edition

image for A 46,000-year-old worm found in Siberian permafrost was brought back to life, and started having babies

Scientists revived a 46,000-year-old worm that was living in Siberian permafrost.

When they brought it back to life, the worm started having babies.

Small worms like this are known to have the ability to shut down biological functions to survive.

Scientists discovered a female microscopic roundworm that has been stuck deep in Siberian permafrost for 46,000 years, the Washington Post reported.

When they revived it, the worm started having babies via a process called parthenogenesis, which doesn't require a mate.

According to a press release, the worm spent thousands of years in a type of dormancy called cryptobiosis.

"Altogether, our findings demonstrate that nematodes evolved mechanisms potentially allowing them to suspend life over geological time scales," the PLOS Genetics paper said. »

Biden signs historic order moving prosecution of military sexual assault outside chain of command

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President Joe Biden on Friday ordered a historic change to the Uniform Code of Military Justice by transferring key decision-making authorities outside the military chain of command in cases of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, murder and other serious crimes.

On a call with reporters previewing the executive order, a senior administration official called the move “a turning point for survivors of gender-based violence in the military.”.

“As Secretary Austin has said many times, this is a leadership issue, and we believe this historic order demonstrates that leadership.”. »

Elon Musk’s Twitter bans ad showing Republican interrupting couple in bedroom

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An ad launched by Progress Action Fund launched, showing an elderly Republican congressman interrupting a couple in the bedroom, has now been banned on X, formerly known as Twitter.

According to the Progress Action Fund, which aims to defeat Republicans in red states, the platform “has censored” its account as well as the ad, called “Keep Republicans Out Of Your Bedroom.”

“Political speech is protected under law and Musk’s competitors clearly agree that our ad should not be censored,” he continued. »

Democrat mocks Greene after call for decorum: ‘She showed us a d‑‑‑ pic last week’

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“Marjorie needs to remember she showed us a d‑‑‑ pic last week,” Garcia tweeted Thursday after Greene interrupted his remarks at a hearing on COVID-19 vaccine mandates to call for decorum.

“We have seen this tweet behind us before,” Garcia said Thursday, gesturing to a poster of the tweet.

Greene interrupted Garcia to make a point of order and asked that members “be reminded of the rules of decorum.”. »