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Saturday July 29th, 2023 night edition

image for Biden signs historic order moving prosecution of military sexual assault outside chain of command

President Joe Biden on Friday ordered a historic change to the Uniform Code of Military Justice by transferring key decision-making authorities outside the military chain of command in cases of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, murder and other serious crimes.

The order, which the administration is calling “the most significant transformation of the military justice system since the UCMJ was established in 1950,” officially implements changes passed by Congress as part of fiscal year 2022’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), and comes two years after an independent review commission on sexual assault in the military, formed by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, recommended moving prosecution of sexual assault in the military outside the chain of command.

Key among the changes in the order is the establishment of rules to govern the newly formed Offices of Special Trial Counsel (OSTC) which, composed of a panel of independent military prosecutors, would make prosecutorial decisions involving sexual assault and other violent crimes.

On a call with reporters previewing the executive order, a senior administration official called the move “a turning point for survivors of gender-based violence in the military.”.

“These changes follow decades tireless efforts by survivors, advocates and members of Congress to strengthen the military justice systems response to gender-based violence,” the official said.

“As Secretary Austin has said many times, this is a leadership issue, and we believe this historic order demonstrates that leadership.”.

“I know it may not sound like much,” Kirby said, “but it’s a big change to the way the military did it.”. »

Arizona students raise nearly $10K for heart surgery for teacher's wife: 'Made me cry'

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A teacher since 1997, Guy said he enjoys the focus on government and economics because he feels those subjects are useful to his students.


Bond said he and a few other students researched the details of Angel Guy's heart surgery and learned that it was pricey, "even with insurance.". »

Democrat mocks Greene after call for decorum: ‘She showed us a d‑‑‑ pic last week’

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“Marjorie needs to remember she showed us a d‑‑‑ pic last week,” Garcia tweeted Thursday after Greene interrupted his remarks at a hearing on COVID-19 vaccine mandates to call for decorum.

“We have seen this tweet behind us before,” Garcia said Thursday, gesturing to a poster of the tweet.

Greene interrupted Garcia to make a point of order and asked that members “be reminded of the rules of decorum.”. »

The New Evidence Against Donald Trump In The MAL Case Is BRUTAL

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… At 3:44 p.m., NAUTA received a text message from a co-worker, Trump Employee 3, indicating that TRUMP wanted to see NAUTA.

… That same day, TRUMP called DE OLIVEIRA and told DE OLIVEIRA that TRUMP would get DE OLIVEIRA an attorney.

Smith conceded one point: Trump can have the same access to the classified information in the case as his lawyers. »