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Wednesday July 26th, 2023 day edition

image for Auschwitz museum and White House criticise Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld for saying ‘useful’ Jews survived Nazi concentration camps

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld is being criticised for saying some Jews were able to survive the Nazi genocide because they were “useful,” with a prominent Holocaust museum saying this claim “does not represent the complex history” of the concentration camps.

“What Fox News allowed to be said on their air yesterday — and has so far failed to condemn — is an obscenity,” White House spokesperson Andrew Bates said in a statement to The Hill on Tuesday.

The scandal began during a Monday segment on the Fox talk show The Five, as panelists were discussing a new set of education standards in Florida.

One of the commenters on the panel, Jessica Tarlov, said that provision within the standards made her uncomfortable.

As a Jewish person, she felt a similar framing of the Holocaust would be highly offensive.

“I’m just fundamentally uncomfortable with the sentence that Blacks benefited at all from this,” she said.

“It would be more appropriate to say that some Jews survived the Holocaust because they were considered temporarily useful, and the circumstances of the Nazi regime’s collapse prevented their murder. »

Jadarrius Rose, Black man mauled by Ohio police dog, called 911

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“So now I’m trying to figure out why they got their guns all pointed to me and they’re all white people.”.

Following a pursuit, Rose stood outside his vehicle with his hands raised when a Circleville police officer instructed his dog to attack.

(He was referring to tire-deflating devices called "stop sticks" that troopers deployed in an attempt to stop Rose's truck.). »

It’s so hot in Arizona, doctors are treating a spike of patients who were burned by falling on the ground

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For the past three or four weeks of this record heatwave, people have been burned just by falling on the ground.

Every single one of the 45 beds in the burn center is full, he said, and one-third of patients are people who fell and burned themselves on the ground.

There are also burn patients in the ICU, and about half of those patients are people burned after falls. »