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Wednesday July 26th, 2023 morning edition

image for The Russians Packed Hundreds Of Vehicles Into A Crimean Repair Depot. The Ukrainians Just Hit It With A Cruise Missile.

There’s a vehicle park, in Novostepne a mile south of Dzhankoi in Russian-occupied northern Crimea, where Russian forces fighting in southern Ukraine send their damaged vehicles for repair.

According to Russian sources, a British-made Storm Shadow cruise missile, fired by a Ukrainian air force Sukhoi Su-24 bomber, was responsible for the blast.

How many vehicles were at the site at the moment of the Ukrainian strike is unclear.

The strike at the very least should compel the Russians to disperse their logistical infrastructure in southern Ukraine, which would disrupt and slow vehicle repairs.

A billowing cloud of smoke and dust was, for residents of Crimea, the first evidence of the Monday strike.

The Kremlin could disperse its repair bases instead of merely moving them—reducing the overall risk by presenting the Ukrainians with more, and smaller, targets.

Ukraine’s cruise missiles are making it harder for Russia to keep its brigades in southern Ukraine fully equipped. »

It’s so hot in Arizona, doctors are treating a spike of patients who were burned by falling on the ground

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For the past three or four weeks of this record heatwave, people have been burned just by falling on the ground.

Every single one of the 45 beds in the burn center is full, he said, and one-third of patients are people who fell and burned themselves on the ground.

There are also burn patients in the ICU, and about half of those patients are people burned after falls. »

UPS reaches tentative contract with 340,000 unionized workers, potentially dodging calamitous strike

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NEW YORK (AP) — UPS has reached a tentative contract with its 340,000-person union, potentially averting a strike that threatened to disrupt package deliveries for millions of businesses and households nationwide.

UPS has reached a contract agreement with its 340,000-person strong union Tuesday, July 25, averting a strike that had the potential to disrupt logistics nationwide for businesses and households alike.

Association of Flight Attendants-CWA President Sara Nelson said in a statement after the UPS deal was announced. »

Resolution to censure Marjorie Taylor Greene brought by House Democrat

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The resolution also cites Greene’s comparing COVID-19 vaccinations to Nazis forcing Jewish people to wear a star, along with other grievances.

“For me, censuring Rep. Taylor Greene is about the health of our democracy and faith in government.

Last week, a group of Democrats introduced a privileged resolution to censure Rep. George Santos (R-N.Y.), who has been charged with financial crimes. »