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Saturday July 22nd, 2023 evening edition

image for China’s economy is spiraling: Will war be Xi’s distraction?

The Chinese economy, despite the robust-looking figure, is in the early stages of failure.

In a failing China, the Communist Party’s leadership will undoubtedly fall back on nationalism — and could end up starting a war.

China’s 6.3 percent report missed expectations by a wide margin, and analysts are now talking about how the Chinese economy is slowing fast.

Beijing overstimulated its economy to get past the 2008 downturn.

China’s total-country-debt-to-GDP ratio, after taking into account the so-called “hidden debt,” many say, is about 300 percent.

Everyone says China must now rely on consumer spending, but China’s economy is geared toward depressing consumer sentiment.

A fundamental change to the structure of the economy would, as a practical matter, require a fundamental change to the political system. »

US Citizens Will Need Visa To Travel To Europe in 2024

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The European Travel Information and Authorization System is not your traditional visa.

Travelers will need to fill out an online form with basic biographical information, travel plans and travel history, along with security questions.

Although the exact launch date of the new travel authorization is uncertain, it is unlikely the European Travel Information and Authorization System will discourage anyone from traveling to Europe. »

Hops for beer flourish under solar panels. They’re not the only crop thriving in the shade.

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The pilot project — a collaboration between Wimmer and local solar technology company Hallertauer Handelshaus — was set up in the fall of last year.

Solar panels atop crops has been gaining traction in recent years as incentives and demand for clean energy skyrocket.

He said that some of the crops under the partial shade of solar panels are using around 16% less irrigation. »

If Trump Were Innocent, He'd 'Walk Over Fire' for Speedy Trial: Swalwell

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Former President Donald Trump speaks to supporters in Bedminster, New Jersey, on June 13, 2023.

Democratic Representative Eric Swalwell said during an MSNBC appearance Friday that Trump was "acting like a guilty person" in the classified documents case.

"Someone who is as innocent as Donald Trump claims he is would not want to delay justice," he continued. »