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Monday July 17th, 2023 evening edition

image for Billionaires aren't okay — for their mental health, time to drastically raise their taxes

As I wrote late last year, it does seem lately, however, the idea that money equals merit has finally started to falter in the public imagination.

Having established that money doesn't equal brains was just the first step, though.

Now another question is starting to arise in the public discourse around those who have impossibly huge bank accounts: Does having too much money damage a person's mental health?.

The most obvious example, of course, is Musk, who is having a midlife crisis so unhinged that it would be upsetting if he weren't such a terrible person.

He has supposedly accepted the cage match invitation and is posting taunting photos from his martial arts training.

The worst that could happen is people like Musk have less money to invest in harebrained schemes like "ChatGPT, but more racist."

With so much to gain and nothing to lose, it's time to tax billionaires until they are billionaires no longer. »

Teachers in England will have to tell parents if children question their gender

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Teachers will be forced to tell parents that their child is questioning their gender even if the young person objects under new guidance for schools in England, the equalities minister has indicated.

Kemi Badenoch said that the guidance, which is expected to be published this week, will ensure that parents know what is “going on with their children” at school.

Schools have faced an increase in the number of children questioning their gender in recent years, and teachers have called for more clarity on how they should support trans children. »

Colombia says deforestation fell 29% in 2022

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BOGOTA, July 12 (Reuters) - Deforestation in Colombia fell 29.1% in 2022 versus the previous year spurred by sharp decreases in the country's Amazon region, the government said on Wednesday, marking the lowest level since 2013.

Nationally, deforestation fell by just over 500 square kilometers (193 square miles) last year to just over 1,235 square kilometers (477 square miles).

Deforestation in Amazon provinces, where a majority of the activity occurs, fell significantly, the environment ministry said in its report, with a 50% decrease in Caqueta province alone. »

Traffic at Kerch Bridge halted amid ‘explosion’

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Several Twitter users shared video of traffic being halted at Kerch.

Looks like the Kerch bridge was hit by a missile. — ayden (@squatsons) July 17, 2023.

Per Russian channels the traffic has been stopped on the Kerch bridge due to the emergency. »