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Monday July 17th, 2023 day edition

image for Traffic at Kerch Bridge halted amid ‘explosion’

Aksyonov stated that the emergency incident took place on the 145th pillar of the bridge, situated in the Krasnodar territory.

I spoke with the Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Vitaly Gennadyevich Savelyev, measures are being taken to restore the situation.

Aksyonov has called on residents of the region and tourists to use an alternative land route through new regions of Russia instead of the Crimean bridge, Tass reported.

Several Twitter users shared video of traffic being halted at Kerch.

The Kerch bridge has been closed due to the "emergency".

Looks like the Kerch bridge was hit by a missile. — ayden (@squatsons) July 17, 2023.

Per Russian channels the traffic has been stopped on the Kerch bridge due to the emergency. »

Chris Christie says Trump deserved to be indicted and is misleading his supporters: 'He's a liar and a coward'

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Christie, who is running for president, had a falling out with Trump after the 2020 election.

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It accuses Trump, in particular, of misleading his own counsel by falsely representing to them that he was returning any classified information. »

Russia’s Army Is in Disarray But Will Keep Fighting

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These are clearly significant events and tell a fascinating story about the upper echelons of the Russian army.

The Russian army may fight inefficiently, and it may suffer serious reverses, but it will keep fighting.

But it does make it a formidable fighting force because the level of accepted casualties in the Russian army is way higher than in any modern army in the world. »

Should Ukraine Negotiate With Russia?

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Russia cannot conquer Ukraine, in his view, but neither can Ukraine expel Russian troops from its 1991 borders.

As long as the Kremlin opposes the Western, transatlantic community to which Ukraine belongs, a lasting peace will remain impossible.

Ukraine Should Aim for Victory, Not Compromise. »