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Sunday July 16th, 2023 morning edition

image for Elon Musk says Twitter's ad revenue drops 50% and cash flow is negative

Elon Musk disclosed on Twitter Saturday that, due to a 50% drop in advertising revenue and a “heavy debt load,” the platform still has a negative cash flow.

The billionaire owner tweeted Saturday, in response to business advice from a follower, “Need to reach positive cash flow before we have the luxury of anything else.”.

Ad revenue has been a contentious issue and an uphill battle for the site, after hordes of advertisers fled after Musk took over.

“It’s definitely been extremely difficult,” Musk said in Twitter Spaces livestream event Musk hosted with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr last month.

And, after its rival app, Meta’s Threads, surpassed 100 million downloads less than a week after it launched, Twitter is under increased pressure.

On Thursday, Twitter announced content creators would be able to get a slice of the site’s ad revenue, seemingly to encourage more creators to join the site.

CNN did not receive comment from Twitter. »

A gay couple ran a rural restaurant in peace. Then new neighbors arrived.

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Fed up with what they viewed as harassment, the Front Porch owners filed a no-trespassing order against their neighbors.

They claim the rat was first dumped near their back door by restaurant employees, and Mike was returning the favor.

In 1991, he launched the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund (now the LGBTQ+ Victory Fund) to elect openly gay politicians to office. »

From villains to valued: Canadians show overwhelming support for wolves

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For thousands of years, wolves have often taken on the role of villain — in fairy tales, Saturday-morning cartoons and feature films.

Moreover, wolves in Canada are not considered threatened, and outside of the Maritimes, there are roughly 60,000 wolves in Canada, according to the International Wolf Center.

Hofman said his organization hopes the survey will help start filling a gap in understanding attitudes towards wolves in Canada. »

Ukraine Rejects Bulgarian President’s Claims That Kyiv Is to Be Blamed for Russia’s Ongoing War

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The move comes after Iran tried to seize two oil tankers near the strait last week, opening fire on one of them, The Associated Press said.

The US Navy said in both instances the Iranian naval vessels backed off when the USS McFaul, a guided-missile destroyer, arrived on the scene.

The US did not have fighter aircraft in the area and took no direct action against the Russian flight. »

Victims of “Donbas genocide” were paid actors, Prigozhin’s fired trolls reveal

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Russian media website Bumaga interviewed several former employees of “Patriot,” who revealed unknown details about its operation and propaganda tactics.

“Most of the people who were portrayed in such stories as ‘victims’ of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were stand-ins, hired individuals.

A BBC reporter working on the ground in the conflict managed to prove that also this story was a hoax. »