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Monday July 3rd, 2023 morning edition

image for Police arrest mother of 7-year-old girl whose body was found decaying in closet

ATLANTA (AP) — Police in Georgia have arrested the mother of a 7-year-old girl whose body was found decaying in the closet of a vacant apartment.

Alondra Hobbs, 27, was charged with felony murder and cruelty in the second degree, DeKalb County police said on Facebook.

A police spokeswoman, Officer Elise Wells, said Hobbs was at a hospital Friday.

She was charged on Thursday, according to police.

An officer discovered the girl’s body last Sunday at an apartment complex outside Atlanta after someone called to report a dead child in the closet, according to a police report.

The officer said he saw what appeared to be a full head of hair and a decaying arm and leg in the closet.

Another officer found a piece of mail with the name Alondra Hobbs on it, according to the report. »

Chinese scientists create edible food packaging to replace plastic

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Now, scientists at the Chinese University of Hong Kong have developed an edible, transparent and biodegradable material with considerable potential for use as food packaging.

The heavy reliance on petrochemicals and inherent non-biodegradability of plastic packaging means it has long been a significant contributor to environmental contamination.

“This research serves as a reminder that natural raw materials may already possess the necessary characteristics to perform beyond the functions of plastic packaging. »

The Man Who Opened a Store Selling Heroin and Cocaine Has Died From an Overdose

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The man who opened the first store in Canada openly selling tested heroin, cocaine, meth, and MDMA has died of an overdose.

He previously told VICE News he had been addicted to cocaine and had been homeless for much of his youth.

He was arrested within 24 hours of opening the store in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the epicenter of Canada’s overdose crisis. »

UN Security Council ends peacekeeping mission in Mali

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The UN Security Council ended a decade-old peacekeeping mission in Mali after the ruling military demanded the withdrawal of the international force battling an armed rebellion “without delay”.

The end of the operation, known as MINUSMA, follows years of tensions and government restrictions that have hobbled peacekeeping air and ground operations since Mali teamed up with Russia’s Wagner mercenary group in 2021.

UN peacekeepers are credited with playing a vital role in protecting civilians against an armed rebellion that has killed thousands. »

Russia launches the first drone strike on Kyiv in 12 days and all are shot down

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KYIV, Ukraine (AP) — After a relative lull, Russia launched a drone attack early Sunday on Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv, officials said.

All of the Iranian-made Shahed exploding drones were detected and shot down, according to Serhii Popko, the head of the Kyiv city administration.

Kyiv regional Gov. Ruslan Kravchenko reported that one person was wounded by falling debris from a destroyed drone. »