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Sunday July 2nd, 2023 day edition

image for The Man Who Opened a Store Selling Heroin and Cocaine Has Died From an Overdose

The man who opened the first store in Canada openly selling tested heroin, cocaine, meth, and MDMA has died of an overdose.

Jerry Martin died in Vancouver on Friday, a few days after he was hospitalized due to a suspected fentanyl overdose, according to his partner Krista Thomas.

He previously told VICE News he had been addicted to cocaine and had been homeless for much of his youth.

He was arrested within 24 hours of opening the store in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, the epicenter of Canada’s overdose crisis.

British Columbia is in the midst of a three-year pilot project decriminalizing small amounts of drugs, but selling remains illegal.

The province also has safe supply projects where drug users are given pharmaceutical alternatives to street drugs, including prescription heroin.

Rennie, who used benzo dope—a combination of fentanyl and ultra potent benzodiazepines, died of an overdose before the documentary aired. »

Designer in Supreme Court ruling cited client who denies making wedding site request

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Designer in Supreme Court ruling cited client who denies making wedding site request.

DENVER — A Colorado web designer who the U.S. Supreme Court ruled Friday could refuse to make wedding websites for gay couples cited a request from a man who says he never asked to work with her.

Smith's Supreme Court filings briefly mentioned she received at least one request to create a website celebrating the wedding of a same-sex couple. »

Russians cremate their dead without keeping records to avoid paying compensation – General Staff

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According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the Russians are using mobile crematoria in an attempt to deprive the families of dead Russian servicemen of benefits and compensation.

Currently, about 50 bodies of dead Russian servicemen, who were recently transported from areas of hostilities to the local morgue, are due to be cremated.".

Details: The General Staff states that the cremation of dead Russian servicemen is carried out without identifying them or keeping any records. »

The hypocrisy behind conservative Supreme Court justices' latest ruling

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Even if one agrees with this decision, how is such a ruling consistent with opposition to “legislating from the bench”?.

The court’s decision to throw out President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan is merely the latest example.

The issue at hand is the Biden administration’s interpretation of the 2003 Higher Education Relief Opportunities for Students Act. »