Russians cremate their dead without keeping records to avoid paying compensation – General Staff

Authored by and submitted by Kimber80

According to the Ukrainian General Staff, the Russians are using mobile crematoria in an attempt to deprive the families of dead Russian servicemen of benefits and compensation.

Quote: "The occupiers suffer significant losses every day, which they try to conceal, and they continue to employ the traditional Russian practice of depriving the families of the dead of the benefits and compensation advertised by Russian propaganda. Extensive use is being made of mobile crematoria in order to do this.

In particular, it has been established that one of these crematoria is currently operating 24/7 on the territory of the Berdiansk port. Currently, about 50 bodies of dead Russian servicemen, who were recently transported from areas of hostilities to the local morgue, are due to be cremated."

Details: The General Staff states that the cremation of dead Russian servicemen is carried out without identifying them or keeping any records.

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Plsdontcalmdown on July 1st, 2023 at 19:20 UTC »

It's a literal meat grinder.

As long as Russia can keep saying a soldier is MIA (missing in action) and not KIA (Killed in Action), the cheaper the war gets, and the more the Russian public pay attention to Ukraine "for having captured their sons and husbands", instead of turning on Russian leaders to ask why they are dead!

And yes, they're dead, like 230,000 others to this day, and the number keeps going. If they were captured, Ukrainian organisations would have reached out to you across the border by now.

Nonsense_Producer on July 1st, 2023 at 18:54 UTC »

Keepin' them bodies in the payroll for the ever so absent battalion commander, lurking in the rear.

The Russian way of leadership.

LegendCZ on July 1st, 2023 at 18:16 UTC »

This will go over well with Russia future. ”Your husband died durning the war? Huh thats suprising, we have no record for that, good luck supporting your newborn and glory to the motherland!„